Dragon’s Dogma Sees Massive Surge In Players After Sequel Announced

After ten years of not so patiently waiting, Dragon's Dogma 2 was finally announced during Capcom's tenth-anniversary event for the cult game. ALl we know right now is that the game is in development,but beyond that, nada.

Still, that announcement was enough to kick fans of the franchise into a frenzy. The original game saw a huge spike in players. It hit its highest concurrent player peak in six years yesterday: 6,582. At the time of writing it's at 3,463.

A quick look at the Dragon's Dogma subreddit will show you why this has happened. Loads of fans are starting new playthroughs, and many people are picking up the game for the first time or after giving up on it years ago.

One player needed some more of a certain in-game currency, Rift Crystals, to hire better pawns. They'd given up on it since no one had been hiring theirs since 202, but after the announcement, they had plenty to hire the strongest pawns they could find.

Another player who first completed their journey on PS3 and PS4, they've now started again on PS5 due to the news of a sequel. It also apparently runs "perfect" on the Steam Deck, which could help boost its numbers, too.

Many, many people have posted to the subreddit gleefully describing their excitement as they either slipped back into the role of their Arisen or started a brand-new campaign. Hopefully, this means when the sequel does come it will be teeming with players.

In other Capcom news, Bruce Lee's daughter has responded to fan concerns that Fei Long won't be in the newest installment. Don't worry, he hasn't been barred from the game.

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