Dying Light Unveils Next-Gen Update For PlayStation 5

The original Dying Light was a storming success for its developer, the Poland-based Techland, selling copies close to the 20 million mark. Launched in January 2015, the Parkour traversal and zombie-filled open world proved a hit on the PS4 and Xbox One. But did you know Techland targeted 60fps on these consoles initially before switching to a locked 30fps for smoother performance?

But Techland has announced a patch that will transform Dying Light for PS5 players. The next-gen patch, which is free to owners of the game, promises a range of improvements. In addition, PS4 Pro owners aren't left out and they'll experience upgrades for Dying Light too, although understandably it won't be quite as extensive as owners of Sony's next-gen console.

On PS5, there will be three new video modes: Performance mode offers 60fps in full HD, while Balanced mode is targeting 60fps in QHD; the final option is Quality mode which hits 30fps but in full native 4K resolution. As ever, it'll be up to players to choose which option best fits them: whether they prefer maximum visual quality, over a more optimal smoothness in framerate, or if they prefer that more buttery 60fps at the expense of resolution. The Balanced mode displays in 1440p and targets 60fps, which could be a neat compromise between the two.

For PlayStation 4 Pro players the patch has upgrades that have "improved the 30fps cap" and introduced a "new network utilising the EOS solution". In their announcement, Techland told players to "try out the new video modes and enjoy the increased view distance while parkouring through Harran!"

Techland said an Xbox upgrade is "coming soon", so presumably Xbox Series owners shouldn't be waiting for their own patch for too long. A patch for Dying Light 2 Stay Human is coming soon, too, the devs also announced in a follow-up Tweet, so fans can stay tuned for that.

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