Egglia Rebirth: Housing Guide

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To fully immerse yourself in the world of Egglia Rebirth, you can own, upgrade, and decorate your very own house. Build a variety of furniture items, decorate your house, and make your living situation all the more special.

While at first it may seem entirely cosmetic, the housing system can actually provide a few benefits you'll want to take advantage of. Let's take a look at how to upgrade your house, get more furniture, and the benefits of doing both.

How To Upgrade Your House

Upgrading your house is a long-term task that will take a lot of gold and resources. Each upgrade takes progressively more gold and resources, mainly wood and stone. Additionally, you'll need to keep upgrading Dunkel's Builders shop as you increase your home's size. For example, upgrading your house from medium to large will require three builders, which are gained from upgrading the Builders shop.

Follow the necessary quests that appear after completing main story quests to upgrade the Builders, and in turn upgrade your house.

How To Unlock More Furniture

Similar to upgrading the Builders shop, you'll also need to upgrade Iagan and Yergan's Workshop to unlock new furniture options. These quests usually just take a few pieces of wood to complete, which are easy enough to get from exploring Stages.

Each time you upgrade the Workshop, new furniture pieces will be added. Keep upgrading the shop if you want to expand your catalog of available decoration options.

What Does Furniture Do?

All of these pieces of furniture you've made so far might look nice, but you may be wondering if placing furniture actually does anything.

Placing different types of furniture can actually bring certain Residents to your town. These special citizens are of the Tomte race, and only appear after you've placed a certain number of a single color of furniture in your house. The number of pieces required is different between each Tomte, and even then it's more of a rough estimate. Because of this, try to place as many pieces of the same color as you can to invite different Tomtes.

For example, if you place enough white furniture in your house, the Tomte Bianca will appear in your town. This can be any type of furniture, as long as it's white. You can even use duplicate pieces if you feel so inclined.

There are nine Tomte Residents that you can bring to your town, using the following colored furniture.

TomteFurniture Color

After placing enough colored furniture items in your house, the Tomte will show up and join your town. If you speak with the newly arrived Tomte again, they will give you a Tomte Doll furniture item, modeled after their own appearance.

Try experimenting with different furniture items until the Tomte you want arrives. If you're having trouble getting a Tomte to appear, just keep placing furniture items around your house. It may take some trial and error, but eventually they'll show up in your town.

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