Elden Ring: 10 Outfits That Feel Like They’re From Bloodborne

Elden Ring is absolutely loaded with references to past FromSoftware games, from the latest appearance of the iconic Patches to the ever-present Moonlight Greatsword. While it's easy to make a build that calls back to the Dark Souls series, sporting swords, shields, and a variety of spells straight out of Souls' history, there are also some key pieces of equipment that will make you feel like a blood-soaked Hunter from Bloodborne.

Whether you're in it for the aesthetic, want to speed up your gameplay, or are just a Bloodborne megafan looking to pay homage to your favorite game, you'll be pleased to find several treasures throughout the Lands Between that will put you in the Yharnam mindset.

10 The Aristocrat Coat And Hat

What these pieces of gear lack in their defensive properties they make up for with style. Wearing this once elegant coat, now tarnished with age, and a feathered hat will give you a good deal of resemblance to the iconic Hunter's aesthetic from Bloodborne.

The hat in particular is reminiscent of the one worn by Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower in the fantastic Old Hunters expansion, making it ideal for a cosplay build. These items can be farmed right near the start of the game from the Soldier Nobles scattered throughout Limgrave. You can also mix and match these pieces with other sets found in the Lands Between to tweak the appearance of your hunter as you please!

9 The Traveller's Hat

Maybe the feathered cap doesn't fit your aesthetic. Maybe your ideal Hunter is a more rugged, down-to-earth sort. In that case, the Traveller's Hat is another excellent choice of headgear! This sturdy-looking leather hat can be picked up in the Street of Sage Ruins in central Caelid.

While this is a dangerous trip in the early game, it can be done relatively easily provided you can dodge around Caelid's powerful enemies. It's also located near the Meteorite Staff, a powerful early game weapon. So, if you're already making the trip you might as well swing by to pick up this great-looking piece of armor as well.

8 Raptor's Black Feathers

Elden Ring pays tribute to one of the most popular Bloodborne characters, Eileen the Crow, with this feathered cloak which can be picked up behind a hidden wall in the Sage's Cave near the start of the Altus Plateau region. This stylish chestpiece not only looks great but provides a buff to your jump attacks, encouraging an aggressive playstyle.

Whether you want to roleplay as Eileen, or just want to add a bit of avian flair to your loadout; this cloak is sure to leave an impression on your foes as you slice and dice your way through Elden Ring's dungeons.

7 Rivers Of Blood

This grisly katana, found in the late game's Mountaintops of the Giants region, has gained a bit of a bad reputation among Elden Ring's players for being overpowered and more than a little cheap in PvP. However, this sword is the closest Elden Ring gets to Bloodborne's Chikage, a katana-like weapon that draws on the power of your Hunter's blood to land devastating attacks.

If using the power of your own blood to stop your enemies in their tracks sounds like your cup of tea, then you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option than Rivers of Blood. Just know you'll have to deal with the occasional dirty look from other players who see you wielding the blade.

6 Ghiza's Wheel

This colossal weapon is a nearly one-to-one recreation of Bloodborne's Whirligig Saw, right down to the massive rotating blade it derives its name from. It can be found in the upstairs dining area of the Volcano Manor after defeating the invader who ambushes you there, and scales with both strength and dexterity, making it an excellent choice for a Quality Build.

It also afflicts enemies with the bleed status effect, making it easy to land devastating blows when they eventually hemorrhage. If you're the sort of Hunter who values massive damage numbers over speed, then this is the weapon for you.

5 Cane Sword

While this weapon lacks the whip functionality of Bloodborne's Threaded Cane, it still has a certain level of flair that would make it feel right at home in Yharnam's Victorian Horror-inspired setting. It can be grabbed off a corpse in Leyndell and scales with both strength and dexterity.

While its moveset might not be anything to write home about, you can trick it out with loads of different Ashes of War to customize it for whatever build you're looking to create. It also provides aesthetically minded Hunters with a unique-looking weapon to flaunt on their adventure.

4 Jar Cannon

While you won't find any pistols or blunderbusses in the Lands Between, this massive piece of artillery will more than make up for your firepower needs. This weapon bears the same strengths as Bloodborne's Cannon, boasting huge damage at the cost of lengthy reload times and expensive ammunition.

However, unlike Bloodborne's fairly restrictive ammunition system, you can craft your own ammunition in Elden Ring, making this a more viable option as a primary or secondary weapon. If you want to bring some explosive energy to your build, then the Jar Cannon can be picked up as you ascend Mt. Gelmir within the Volcano Cave.

3 Urumi

This unique whip can be found in Caria Manor and makes up for the Cane Sword's lack of versatility by combining the movesets of a sword and whip into one weapon. It scales with dexterity and can be infused with Ashes of War, making it an excellent off-hand or backup weapon. Try sticking a bleed effect on it to catch enemies and invaders off guard with its range.

This is one of the most interesting and underutilized weapons in the game and, though it may take some practice, you can take control of the battlefield like a true Hunter through the proper use of the Urumi.

2 Vulgar Militia Saw

This is more of an aesthetic choice than anything but longtime fans of FromSoftware were immediately reminded of Bloodborne's iconic Saw Cleaver when they spotted this weapon. It can be dropped by the Vulgar Militia enemies found throughout the Lands Between and boasts decent scaling in dexterity.

It also features a powerful inherent bleed buildup making it a great choice for a bleed infusion that nearly doubles the rate at which you can inflict the devastating status effect. It may not be quite as cool as its Bloodborne lookalike, but you'll nail that iconic Hunter look when you ride into battle sporting this jagged blade.

1 Bloodhound's Step

Another option that's become notorious in the PvP community for just how powerful it is, Bloodhound's step is a must-have if you prefer Bloodborne's quick dodges. Instead of granting a unique attack or buff to your weapon, this Ash of War will let you quickly teleport from place to place giving you an absurd amount of invincibility frames while you're moving.

This effect is not only reminiscent of how dodging worked in Bloodborne, but is nearly identical to the effect of the Old Hunter's Bone which granted a similar teleportation effect. If you want to bring the speed and ferocity of Bloodborne's combat into Elden Ring, then Bloodhound's Step should be an essential part of your build.

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