Elden Ring Fans Discuss What DLC They Want To See

Elden Ring launched in February of this year. That means if FromSoftware sticks with the same pattern as it has done with its previous Souls games, there could well be DLC coming before the end of 2022, potentially as soon as the end of this summer. In preparation for what is hopefully an eventuality, Elden Ring players have been putting their DLC wishes out into the world in the hope they might soon manifest.

Souls Survivor – an incredibly appropriate username considering the topic – got the ball rolling on ResetEra. They highlighted that it usually takes FromSoft less than a year to add DLC to its Souls games. That means if Elden Ring is going to get any, it might well be on the horizon. As for what they're hoping to see, more multiplayer options, and more technical weapons and spells.

More multiplayer facets isn't as popular an option for potential Elden Ring DLC as you might think, at least not when it comes to this particular thread. Players don't even necessarily want the map to be expanded. In fairness, The Lands Between is already a pretty massive place. Making it bigger won't necessarily make it better. Filling it with more to find and additional quests, on the other hand, those requests pop up in the thread pretty often.

Not as much as Torrent does, though. Elden Ring's trusty steed is incredibly popular. The inability to make him your own, on the other hand, not so much. A number of the replies to Souls Survivor's original post detail how they would like to see Torrent altered in some way. Whether it be the ability to customize the horse's armor or have characters talk about him whenever he's not around. That second one might be a joke, but it still sounds good.

One user has suggested adding an “every enemy is Malenia mode”. It would appear they don't know about the mod that already exists which can make that happen. A YouTuber tweaked Elden Ring's enemy randomizer mod so that every enemy and all of the game's wildlife turned into Malenia, rendering the game (almost) impossible.

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