Elden Ring Fans Feel Bad About Fighting Rennala, Tibia Mariner, And More

In Elden Ring, you arrive in the Lands Between as a Tarnished, guided by grace to restore the Golden Order. And in so doing, you murder pretty much every living (and non-living) creature in the game. To be fair, lots of them seem to be very hostile to the player's mere presence, but there's still a few characters that don't really seem to deserve the violent end bestowed upon them by the Tarnished.

Earlier this week, Reddit user AndydnA69 asked “what's the least evil boss” on the Elden Ring subreddit. What followed was, essentially, a giant guilt fest.

The Regal Ancestor Spirit was probably the boss least deserving of death. For starters, it already seems mostly dead when you first meet it in the Siofra River. But beyond that, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the Elden Ring or Golden Order. It’s just sort of there, and then we murder it.

"Not just the regal ancestor," noted one Redditor. "While trekking in the zone where they are, I've always felt like a huge PoS massacring all the animals and the guys with the horns whom I feel just want to live here peacefully, in communion with nature."

Rennala is another popular example of a boss fight where the Tarnished is definitely the asshole. “She is just a grieving mother who was locked away in her library by her own subjects," another Redditor notes. "She doesn’t even try to fight us, and in the end we don’t kill her (one of only two bosses where that is possible)."

And then there’s the Tibia Mariner, the source of Death Root, and an undead field boss. While D, Hunter of the Dead might think the Tibia Mariner’s undeadness warrants re-deadifiying on its own, some Elden Ring players aren’t convinced.

Check the Reddit post for more of Elden Ring’s innocent bosses. And for those looking to make their next New Game Plus run trivial, this ludicrous one-shot build kills Elden Ring’s toughest and most deserving bosses in a single blow.

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