Elden Ring: How To Revive NPCs

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Much like its predecessors, Elden Ring gives you the freedom to attack most NPCs you stumble upon in its vast open world, which can come with some consequences. Whether you intentionally sought an NPC out or accidentally pressed the attack button mid-conversation, you may have a chance to patch things over.

Though, be warned not every NPC will forgive your actions or be resurrected, which comes on a character-by-character basis. However, if you find yourself in need of an NPC you angered or offed, you may want to try this method out as a last-ditch effort to make up for your wrongdoings.


In Elden Ring, you will have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness, potentially making NPCs you've angered become friendly with you once again or even bringing some back from the dead. However, not every NPC is treated equally, and some will remain dead no matter how many times you ask for Absolution. Though, when it comes to making NPCs forgive you and become un-aggravated with you, this method will typically work (unless the reason they're upset with you has to do with decisions you made via the story and questlines).

To attempt this method, you will first have to reach the Church of Vows and use Celestial Dew at the Lady Rennala statue to Request Absolution. If you have committed any wrongdoings, you will be able to follow through with the procedure and (hopefully) patch things over with the NPC that is currently upset with you. You can find out how to reach the Church of Vows below!

How to Reach the Church of Vows

There are a few paths you can take that will lead you to the Church of Vows, but the most common way people will stumble into it is by taking the teleporter found in the Raya Lucaria Academy. For purposes of this guide, this is the way we will be covering, but you can also head Northwest from the Artist's Shack in North Liurnia to get there as well.

After working your way through the Red Wolf of Radagon boss fight in the Raya Lucaria Legacy Dungeon, you will gain access to the Debate Hall Site of Grace, which we will be starting from to get to the teleporter. Once at the Debate Hall, head outside and go to the right-hand side of the area to see a large winding staircase. Next, jump onto the beams that connect the stairs to the piece of land you're on and work your way onto the steps. Watch out for large boulders that will periodically roll down the stairs. They're easy to avoid but can catch many people off guard at first.

Once up the stairs, you will be inside a room with two exits, one to the north and one to the east. Take the exit on the right to find the teleporter on a balcony. Take the teleporter to get warped to the Church of Vows instantly. However, please note that there is no returning teleporter once you teleport to the Church of Vows. Meaning you will have to fast travel back to the Debate Hall Site of Grace to continue onward with the Legacy Dungeon. But, once you're here, rest at the Church of Vows Site of Grace and talk to the giant tortoise Pasture, Miriel, to get the rundown of the place. After that, you are ready to Request Absolution. So long as you meet the requirements.

How To Request Absolution

Before you can Request Absolution, you must first meet a few requirements. First, you must possess Celestial Dew (we will cover how to obtain it in the next section), and you must have angered or killed an NPC to Request Absolution; otherwise, the prompt "You Don't Need Absolution" will appear when you attempt the procedure.

However, if you have committed heinous crimes in the Lands Between, you will see the option to "Atone," which will Absolve you of any sins you may have committed. As mentioned before, this will make every NPC that is aggravated with you return to normal unless the reason they're upset with you has to do with a questline you followed or for story reasons. Additionally, some NPCs will also come back to life that you have killed in cold blood or by accident, but there's no telling who can and cannot come back to life, but it seems like essential NPCs and Shopkeepers are the most common.

Celestial Dew Locations

Celestial Dew is the material needed to Request Absolution at the Church of Vows and can be accessed a few different ways. You can purchase it from a select number of vendors or find them throughout the Lands Between while exploring. Below is a list of locations and vendors that have Celestial Dew.


Nomadic MerchantAinsel River7,500 Runesx1
Pidia, Carian ServantCaria Manor5,000 Runesx1


Uhl Palace RuinsThere will be a ledge that overlooks the palace ruins with a corpse hanging off it. The item is located on the body.
Nokron, Eternal CityDescend to the bottom of the ruin found in Nokron, Eternal City, to find a corpse in the corner of a room. The Celestial Dew is located on the corpse.
Night's Sacred GroundWhen traveling up the long road in Night's Sacred Ground, keep your eyes peeled for a body on the side of the road. Loot the corpse to obtain a vial of Celestial Dew.
Nokstella, Eternal CityWhen exploring Nokstella, Eternal City, you will come across ruins with a corpse underneath them. Search the body to obtain the item.

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