Elden Ring Mod Introduces Combat Mechanics From Other FromSoftware Games

Elden Ring's massive variety of weapon classes ensures that the combat hardly ever gets stale. You can swap them around any time you feel like things are getting a bit monotonous, or if the situation demands it. However, if you're one of those who sticks to one weapon *cough* Moonveil *cough*, then things could possibly start getting a bit repetitive. If so, there's a mod that can help you with that.

As spotted by PCGamesN, the Sword Mastery – Total Combat Overhaul mod revamps the combat styles of various armaments from the game. But that's not all, the mod changes Elden Ring's combat at a core level, altering the way the Tarnished, enemies, and even bosses fight. It introduces various combo chains and attacks that build upon the Souls combat, but doesn't fully change it.

One of the ways the creator, AntiSteak, ensured that the combat retains its Souls DNA was by introducing mechanics from other FromSoftware games. They have incorporated Bloodborne's side-to-side dashes to create a new dodging system which allows for faster movement and creating openings. On the attacking side of things, a lot of features from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice were mixed into the combat mechanics, most notably, the Deflection, Perilous Attack, and Clashing systems.

The deflection system was recently reworked by the creator. "The new Deflect system does not increase Guard Stability, but rather, upon successive Deflects, there is a period of heightened stamina regeneration. This prevents players from Deflecting everything, such as very heavy attacks in rapid succession." They even provided an example, saying, "Maliketh under the previous Deflect system would have been totally trivialized due to the player effortlessly Deflecting away a sword as large as their body. However, with the new system, you can only Deflect Maliketh's attacks once before he guardbreaks you."

Another interesting addition to the mod is the use of dynamic cameras during boss battles. AntiSteak has included this feature for a number of boss fights, including Maliketh, Malenia, Godfrey, Hoarah Loux, and the Elden Beast. The dynamic camera "increases visibility hugely and adds a level of cinematic flair to the boss fights" according to them.

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