Elden Ring Mod Lets You Fight Like Godwyn, Son Of The First Elden Lord

Godwyn the Golden was the first demigod to die during the Night of the Black Knives. Assassinated by the Numen using daggers imbued with the killing power of the Rune of Death, Godwyn's demise is said to have pushed Queen Marika to reconsider the Golden Order, eventually leading to the destruction of the Elden Ring and the return of the Tarnished to the Lands Between.

But what if Godwyn hadn't died? Would he wield the same holy powers as Queen Marika? Or would he have his own control over the Rune of Death, able to banish the enemies of the Golden Order with the very power that killed him?

It's an interesting what-if scenario that's been answered by modder Hotbite in the Godwyn Legacy mod. "[A] custom moveset in the style of Godwyn the Golden," reads the mod's description, "with a unique weapon that can transform into two forms."

In the first form, Godwyn holds a curved blade one-handed with an almost demonic look to it. This blade features a regular attack combo that mixes together several incantations, including the Ancient Dragon's Lightning Spear and Death Lightning, as well as a variation of the Blade of Death skill found on the Black Knife. Heavy strikes have long reach and are punctuated by more Death Lightning.

Meanwhile, the second two-handed form looks largely based on the Golden Order Greatsword and its unique Establish Order Ash of War. The two-handed form also throws in some Gold Breaker ground slams from Marika's Hammer along with more wide-reaching and holy-infused strikes. Unlike most holy-based attacks in Elden Ring, the two-handed form's holy blasts scale with all attributes and not just the Faith stat.

Both forms allow Godwyn to fire off a seemingly endless stream of projectiles, although that might just be for the video. One hopes the mod still limits these powers based on your character's mana reserves.

The mod changes the Dismounter weapon and the Spinning Slash Ash of War, so be sure to have these equipped to become a living version of Godwyn the Golden. You can download the Godwyn Legacy Mod and find instructions on its installation over on Nexus Mods.

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