Elden Ring Players Create Soft-Cap Sheet To Show When To Stop Levelling Stats

If you haven’t heard, Elden Ring is taking over almost everyone’s free time. The FromSoftware title is a customizable romp through a fantasy world. In it, players can build an entire character from the ground up. One aspect of that is allotting points to certain stats to level up. For example, adding points to strength will make the character stronger, while adding points to intelligence will improve spellcasting. However, the game’s system eventually reaches a point that leveling up a certain stat begins to have no effect. Luckily, there is a nifty little chart to help you out with that.

A few Reddit users, and Elden Ring fans, have banded together to create a chart that lays out when soft caps occur in the game. Soft caps are a mechanic seen often in RPGs where character leveling allows early players to see a huge jump in a stat but rounds off so the player will not become too powerful for late-game battles. In a game like Elden Ring, where the enemies get progressively harder, it can be tricky to discern if this cap is reached or if the game is just getting harder. This is where the chart comes in.

Reddit users getcheddarttv, AshuraRC, and sleepless_sheeple have shared their “Elden Ring Soft Cap Cheat Sheet” with the world. The color-coded chart breaks down multiple soft caps for each stat. The different soft caps help players pinpoint when their build will begin to level off in a certain stat. For instance, players that have created a character that focuses on attack strength will notice their intelligence stat begin to cap at level 20 and again at 50 and 80. However, those that focus on sorcery and spellcasting will not feel the effects of an intelligence cap until level 60.

This cheat sheet is a handy guide for players already deep into the game. Comparing their stats to these will allow them to know when to move on from one stat and begin dumping those precious runes into another. Of course, it will also be helpful for those just starting out as they can utilize the sheet to create a well-balanced tarnished from the get-go.

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