Elden Ring PvP Password Allows For Tarnished To Fight In Cosplay

It’s been a week since Elden Ring received its PvP-centered Colosseum update, and while Tarnished are certainly enjoying their bloodsports, not all Tarnished are finding it as welcoming as gladiatorial combat should be. Some prospective PvPers just want to show off their fun costumes rather than immediately eat a Moonveil to the face, and that’s putting a barrier between those Tarnished and entering the Colosseums.

Thankfully, there is a solution to overly sweaty PvP in Elden Ring. When Reddit user FoxoTheFancy recently asked the Elden Ring subreddit if there could be a dedicated password for Tarnished wishing to fight in cosplay (of which Foxo had a delightful Geralt costume on display), they were directed to r/Colosseum, a subreddit dedicated to Elden Ring's recent PvP update. There, PvP-centric Tarnished are setting the rules and regulations for PvP in The Lands Between.

And just as Foxo asked, there’s already a password to set for PvP matches that are meant to be played by Tarnished cosplaying as characters from other worlds. Simply set the "cosplay" password on your match and that’ll be a signal to other PvPers to only enter that match if you plan to set aside murderous efficiency in favor of playing as Batman, Spider-Man, or various other characters from intellectual properties both owned and not owned by Bandai Namco.

Of course, r/Colosseum hasn't just created a common password for cosplay matches. Use "unique" to fight with unique, off-meta builds. Use "commoner" to fight using basic weapons without any buffs, magic, or status effects (only physical damage for these matches). Use "pokemon" to fight using just spirit ashes, and "pokemony" to fight using ONLY spirit ashes. Or just use "rcolo" to fight other like-minded r/Colosseum Tarnished.

As great as the Colosseum update has been, we're likely to see more Elden Ring DLC in the near future. Following Elden Ring's big win at The Game Awards, Bandai Namco told fans to "stay tuned in the days and weeks to come, as there is more Elden Ring news that awaits." Whether this is more free updates, a paid expansion, or something else entirely remains to be seen.

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