Elden Ring’s Hopping Rodents Are Actually Real

Elden Ring is full of fantastical beasts like trolls, orcs, imps, and even sheep that roll away whenever you come near. You’d hardly be alone in thinking Elden Ring’s rabbitgaroos were also some sort of made-up fantasy creature designed to make The Lands Between feel all that much more fantastical, but it turns out they’re actually real.

Springhares of the genus Pedetes are a type of rodent that lives in South and East Africa. They’re nocturnal, live in underground burrows, and mostly eat foliage, vegetables, insects, and arthropods. Besides hopping around like a rabbit or kangaroo (hence the player-given name), the springhares’ biggest claim to fame is its fluorescent fur coat which glows under black light.

You can scrape all this info off of Wikipedia, but we wouldn’t have even thought to look were it not for IamPotato14’s post in the r/gaming subreddit.

The Elden Ring wiki describes Springhares as "benevolent creatures that roam the wilderness of The Lands Between,” who will gladly part with their thin bones after leading Tarnished on a brief chase. Just don’t try doing the same in real-life; springhares have a hard enough life without humans trying to steal their bones.

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