Elder Scrolls Online PTS Adds Item That Lets You Change Your Home’s Time

The Elder Scrolls Online is finally adding a highly-requested feature—being able to change the time of day in your home. Through a new furniture item, you can locally alter the time to make it night or day, perfect for a vampire hideout.

"You may place the hourglass within your home," The Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh description reads. "Focusing on its falling sands causes them to blur, and local perception of time to shift. Until the hourglass is disturbed, time seems to stand still. Enjoy everything from eternal sunrises to endless nights."

However, as the tweet showing this and players on the forum highlight, it's likely a morph of the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet, making it the year's event finale item. This would mean that it's a limited-time unlockable rather than a widely available feature. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Players found this new furniture item on the public test server but it isn't available for preview. We know how it works thanks to its description in the collection tab.

Regardless, this will no doubt be a useful trinket to keep lying around so that you can customise the ambience of your home more directly. If you want to hold a festive celebration with your guild, you don't have to do it at 8 am anymore. You can drink all through the endless night.

Just be sure to put it in a home with a day and night cycle—not all of them are applicable. If you stick it in the Snugpod, an entirely indoor home, you probably won't see any changes. But you will have a nifty little hourglass lying around.

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