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Welcome to Evade! This is one of the most popular Roblox games on the platform. The aim is simple: survive for as long as you can by any means necessary, whether that's hiding or taking the fight to the creepy bad guys that are after you. There are multiple game modes, maps, and lots of cosmetic items to unlock, as well as special equipment.

We check for new Evade codes daily. The game does not receive them that often, but whenever a new one is added, you'll find it here.

We checked these codes in January and added a couple of new ones!

All Evade Codes





Free exp!

Active (NEW CODE)


Free 2k tokens

Active (NEW CODE)


Bird Badge



1 Bill Celebration cosmetic


Roblox codes are case-sensitive – enter them exactly as they are in the table (with matching capital letters, numbers, and punctuation), otherwise they won't work.

How To Redeem Codes In Evade

It's very easy to redeem codes in Evade, here's how to get your free rewards.

  • On the main menu of the game, click the Twitter icon in the bottom left (that's the blue bird)
  • Enter the code into the box and hit Enter
  • You will receive a notification at the bottom of your screen if the code has worked!

Code not working or you get the "Invalid" code message? That means the code is expired, or you have entered it incorrectly. We check our codes regularly, which means it's likely that you have misspelled the code or entered it with the incorrect characters. Double-check, and copy and paste to be safe!

What Are Evade Codes?

Evade codes are pretty rare free rewards that are given out by the devs behind the game, the team over at the Hexagon Development Community. Evade does not receive codes that often, but when it does, it's usually to celebrate some huge milestone or event. Codes can typically be redeemed for in-game cosmetics and emotes.

How To Get More Codes

New codes are posted on the Hexagon official Twitter page, although the easiest way to keep track of all the active and inactive codes is to check this page. We go hunting for codes, so you don't have to!

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