Ever Wanted To Hear Gilbert Gottfried Sing The One Piece Rap? Too Bad, Because It Happened

You have probably never heard the One Piece rap and thought, “I wish this was Gilbert Gottfried’s voice.” Well, prepare yourself, because this is now a real thing.

Gilbert Gottfried is known for his loud, harsh voice. His voice is instantly recognizable and hard to miss. Recently, Gottfried has taken to Cameo, a site that allows fans to request personal messages from celebrities. For $10, you can DM him, and for just $150, he will create a personalized video message.

The One Piece Rap has been around since 2005 when 4Kids Entertainment produced the tune for the One Piece dub. Ultimately, the dub received mixed reviews, and many people didn’t like the rap. The song replaced We Are!, the iconic first intro of the series. It’s a mystery as to why 4Kids decided to use the One Piece Rap instead. If the song didn’t exist though, we never would have witnessed Gottfried’s version.

One Cameo user requested Gottfried to ‘sing’ the One Piece Rap, and it’s truly amazing. Gottfried doesn’t sing or rap, he just speaks the lyrics very loudly with no rhythm (because obviously, he has no clue what the One Piece Rap is). Thankfully, Twitter user KaiserNeko turned the Cameo into a song. We now have Gottfried’s wonderful voice singing along to the music. The piece was arranged by AinTunez on Twitter, who is also the co-creator of Dark Souls: Nightfall.

You can check out the original Cameo on the site as well. It’s a bit cringey, but Gottfried powers through for almost two minutes. The Cameo is a mess, but definitely worth watching. Overall, Gottfried has pretty affordable rates on Cameo, so if you really want him to sing any other anime songs, put in a request. Imagine him singing literally any Naruto opening. We need to request these on Cameo.

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