Evil Dead: The Game Datamine Hints At Ruby, Demon Spawn, And Heavy Weapons

Evil Dead: The Game dataminers have found references to Ruby, her Demon Spawn, and heavy weaponry within the game's files.

Although Evil Dead: The Game already has two massive maps and pretty much every character from the series, there are a few that have seemingly been missed out, both on the survivor's side and on the demon's. Thankfully, we already know that more content is on the way through future updates and DLC, and datamines from Twitter account LeaksOfSumeria might have just given us our first idea of what to expect.

By far the most interesting part of the datamine is several voice lines that reference survivors killing Ruby. Ruby is one of the main characters from Ash vs. Evil Dead so it was strange that she wasn't included in the final game. These voice lines imply that she's going to be added as part of the demon team at some point, possible alongside her Demon Spawn, which actually have models in the game.

Some have speculated that Ruby will have a character slot on the survivor's team, of which there are three empty spaces currently, as well as a spot on the demon team, but it's unclear considering we only have the voice lines to go off of at the moment. Considering Baal is the much bigger threat in the show and there are several versions of the character, it makes sense to have Ruby appear on both teams, both as a survivor and some form of elite demon.

The final single-player mission also seems to have been revealed through LeaksOfSumeria's datamine, as we can see a cover that has Eligos possessing Kelly on it. The datamine also shows off the mid-mission artwork, which seems to imply it's a mission for the older Ash Williams and not Kelly.

The final interesting piece of content found in these datamines is the reveal of heavy weaponry. One perk makes reference to a whole class of heavy weapons, including a flamethrower, harpoon gun, and minigun. Models for these weapons exist in the game's files and seem to be nearly finished, so it's not clear whether they're intended for future seasons, or if they were removed at some point during development.

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