Eville Sets Itself Apart From Among Us With Traps And Potion Crafting

Eville is a new social deduction Steam Early Access game that, at first glance, appears to be jumping on the Among Us bandwagon. But a new trailer for Eville reveals new mechanics that help players strategize and protect themselves from murderers, instead of just dying because someone spams “sus sus sus” in chat. By buying items and crafting potions, players can do things like booby trap their houses and reveal another player’s nature.

In Eville’s familiar setup, players are given a random role and placed in a medieval village. Conspirator players try to kill everyone else before they can use their skills to expose them. Players can also vote to execute one another in hopes of stopping the killing spree. The difference from more popular iterations of the genre is that Eville players can free roam the 3D environments to prepare for the sinister things that happen during nighttime.

The latest “Treat Yo’ Self” trailer breaks down the items players can use to trap Conspirators and protect themselves from being killed. A trip wire, for instance, can wake you up if a ne’er-do-well invades your home to snuff you out. It can also provide an adrenaline boost so you can run away. A magic tome will reveal a dead person’s role, so you can confirm if the right people were executed. Potions, meanwhile, can grant protective buffs or poison other players…

On the more shady side of things is the black market. This vendor seems to sell items catered to the Conspirator players. Plated boots stop you from getting trapped, whereas smoke bombs will keep roles concealed so you can’t be exposed. The black market also sells lock picks. Of course, it’s inevitable that those who go to the black market will be essentially giving themselves away as a killer.

Eville looks like an exciting take on the social deduction game, one that hopefully adds rich strategy so that swaying opinions isn’t the only way to win. It’s slated to come to Early Access this year, and you can watch the developers play the Alpha build on its Steam page.

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