Fall Guys: How To Get Free Rewards By Pre-Registering

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The developers of Fall Guys recently announced that it is coming to both Xbox and Nintendo Switch, and will soon be offered as a free-to-play title. With both of these launches coming on June 21, players have been given the opportunity to pre-register for the future free-to-play title. It doesn't cost or require anything from you in order to do so.

As an added incentive, Fall Guys is offering several potential rewards for those who choose to pre-register prior to the game's free-to-play launch. This includes various cosmetic and other in-game items. Players who complete the pre-registration will earn exclusive items, with bonuses increasing as more people pre-register globally.

Here's everything you need to know to complete the Fall Guys pre-registration process and earn yourself several free rewards.

How To Pre-Register For Fall Guys

In order to receive any rewards, you will need to complete the Fall Guys pre-registration process before June 20, 11:59 p.m. UTC. Follow the steps provided to pre-register for this game's free-to-play launch, ensuring that you are obtaining all available rewards.

  1. Visit the Fall Guys Pre-Registration Page and click on "Pre-Register Now"
  2. Either log-in or create an Epic Games account to pre-register with
  3. Agree to "Pre-Registration Terms and Conditions"
  4. Press "Submit"

If these steps are completed correctly, you should be prompted with the text, "You Are Pre-Registered!"

If you see this, you have successfully pre-registered for the Fall Guys free-to-play launch.

Make sure that you are using the Epic Games Account that you plan to play Fall Guys on when completing the pre-registration process. This will ensure that all pre-registration rewards are available on whichever Epic Games Account that you play this game with.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Once you have pre-registered, you will be awarded all pre-registration rewards when available. Several rewards are available for doing this, but can only be earned once the community have reached specific milestones.

There are five different rewards available, each earned when the community reaches a set number of pre-registrations globally. Progress on these milestones can be found when visiting the Fall Guys Pre-Registration Page, with the site updated every 12 hours. These rewards are provided below with the milestone required for its unlock.

RewardPre-Registrations Required
"Keen Bean" Nameplate500,000 Sign-ups
3,500 Kudos1 Million Sign-ups
"Burgers" Pattern1.5 Million Sign-ups
"Muscleman" Emote2 Million Sign-ups
"Melonhead" Costume2.5 Million Sign-ups

If the community does not achieve any of these milestones prior to the game's free-to-play launch on June 21, they will no longer be available. However, that's not to say they won't appear in the game at a later time.

Pre-registration rewards will be distributed to players by June 27. You will not need to claim any rewards earned, as they will automatically be available in-game on whichever Epic Games Account that you pre-registered on.

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