Fall Guys Weigh ‘Half A Mike Wazowski’ And Taste Like The Back Of A Stamp

Developer Mediatonic has already revealed that Fall Guys are really tall guys. In fact, they’re massive, measuring in at 1.83m tall. But until now we didn’t have an official weight for the wobbly bean lads.

TG recently got the chance to interview the Fall Guys lead designer, who exclusively revealed how much Fall Guys weigh: “Three Minions or half a Mike Wazowski.” You have to love how half a Mike Wazowski is such a perfect reference point, even though none of us have ever, in fact, tried to pick up Mike Wazowski.

Elsewhere in the interview, we were told that a Fall Guy could most likely rip a human in half, though they wouldn’t want to. They’re just chill beans, after all, but if you’re between them and a crown you are going to regret it.

“It’s like Hippos and water, you never want to get in their way like that,” lead designer Joe Walsh told us. “Also, did you know a Hippo can outrun a human? I think about that a lot.”

Walsh also said he’d rather fight 100 duck-sized Fall Guys than one Fall Guys-sized duck. We probably would as well, to be honest. They are hefty lads, but their jelly-like structure wouldn’t be too threatening if they were much smaller. Unless they swarmed you and suffocated you with their terrible bean flesh.

Anyway, if they did shrink down to the size of ducks, you could just gobble them all up. They’re just oversized, sentient jelly beans after all. But what do they taste like? According to the people who birthed them into this world, they taste like the back of a stamp. So there you have it. All very useful information to know.

Fall Guys Season 2 is coming on October 6 and offers up a bunch of new skins and courses, along with a medieval theme. You’ll be racing up castle ramparts while wearing wizard robes and knight armour. The developer also teased that something might even hatch from the eggs in Egg Scramble. In other words, don’t be surprised to see dragons in Fall Guys Season 2.

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