Fallout 4: All Holotape Game Locations

The world has fallen apart by the time your adventure begins in Fallout 4, but your trusty Pip-Boy essentially serves as a smart phone in post-apocalyptic Boston. Aside from managing your inventory, holding your map, and cataloging your quests, this wrist-mounted computer can also play rudimentary video games. These games are found hidden in the dilapidated ruins of the old world on holotapes that you can collect and play whenever the dreary world gets you down. If you’re a fan of retro games, these classic style mini-games are a must have for your Vault Dweller’s collection.

All Holotape Game Locations In Fallout 4

There are a total of five Holotape games to collect and play in Fallout 4. Once you collect them, you can play them any time you like via your Pip-Boy. None are missable, so no need to worry about being locked out of any of these fun little extras.

Red Menace Holotape Location

This first game can be picked up almost immediately when you start the game in Vault 111. As you’re exploring the vault after waking up to find the place deserted, you will come into a dining area of sorts at the end of a long curved hallway. In the back is a desk with the Recreation Terminal on top. Use it and select the third option, “Play Tape,” to start up Red Menace, a reference to the most popular arcade game of all time, Donkey Kong. You can play it on the terminal while you’re there, but remember to eject the tape to take it with you when you go.

Atomic Command Holotape Location

Travel down to the southeast of Sanctuary, towards the Town of Concord and into the Museum of Freedom. You’ll need to clean out some Raiders here, but your goal is to get up to the second floor where you first met some survivors. The first desk on the right hand wall has a terminal, but the game itself is actually sat beside it on the desk labelled Robco Fun. Pick it up and this Missile Command style game will be added to your collection.

Pipfall Holotape Location

The next Holotape game on the list will be found in Fort Hagen. Go inside the command center and travel through until you go down a small set of stairs into a long room with a bunch of broken terminals. Look for a semi circle of white desks set up against the back wall, beneath the map of the Earth, and look to the right of the computer. Just like last time, the game is sitting next to the computer in another Robco Fun package waiting to be picked up. If you guessed this one would be a Pitfall style game, you’d be right.

Grognak the Barbarian And The Ruby Ruins Holotape Location

In the town of Goodneighbor, you will need to go inside The Memory Den, which is part of the main story quest, so either pick it up during this part or come back later. Once inside, head all the way to the back left corner of the room, around the curtains, to a staircase leading into the basement. The desk on the left wall, between the teal equipment, has the Robco Fun issue with this Holotape inside. This one is a classic RPG that is actually fairly robust if you’re into those types of games.

Zeta Invaders Holotape Location

Our last game takes us to Diamond City, all the way to Valentine’s Detective Agency. Simply walk inside and check the back left corner of the desk on the right hand wall for the final Robco Fun issue and this Space Invaders clone is all yours.

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