Fallout: New Vegas Looks Unreal In This UE5 Trailer

Attention Vault Dwellers! A Fallout: New Vegas Unreal Engine 5 remake trailer has been made by fans to show off what the game could look like with a modern coat of paint. You can practically feel the heat of the Mojave Wasteland.

Spotted by GamesRadar, the trailer shows off some iconic locations in the game, such as the New Vegas strip and the surrounding desert. As the glaring sun shines down, all the fine details of the Mojave are rendered beautifully, made to look more realistic than ever before.

Fortunately, despite the more realistic look, the remake manages to retain a lot of the grime and muck that makes the Fallout aesthetic so iconic. It looks even grimier and muckier in ultra HD, too.

The people who made the trailer at TeaserPlay have clearly put a lot of work into it. The sun bounces off the few remnants of non-rusted surfaces on cars out in the wastes, and the neon of New Vegas shines brighter than ever before.

Shadows stretch across the highways, rendered in real-time as shown by a new crab-like creature strutting along. Even in the trailer there's some texture pop here and there, but it's a small price to pay for the glow of New Vegas as seen from afar at night.

The trailer also shows off some ray-traced reflections in the lobby of a large building on the strip. Palm trees decorate the interior as strip lights are bounced off the polished floors.

We don't see any recreated combat, but the rifle the Courier is carrying looks highly detailed, with dirt covering much of the scope, while rust eats away at the ornamental inlay.

Unfortunately, we've had no word of an official New Vegas remake being in the works. With Obsidian already busy with Outer Worlds 2, Pentiment, and Grounded, it's unlikely it'll be able to spare the developers needed to get a project that big off the ground.

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