Fallout: New Vegas Modder Creates The Ultimate Hardcore Mode, With One HP, No Levelling Up, And More

One of the changes that Fallout: New Vegas introduced was an in-built hardcore mode. In the past, those who wanted an extra layer of difficulty and realism would have to turn to mods, but Obsidian made it so we could torture ourselves no matter what platform we were playing on. However, for some people, games can never be hard enough.

A Fallout fan has released a series of mods that introduce unimaginable difficulty, just in case hardcore mode wasn't enough for you. From giving you a one HP to taking away all quest markers and notes, your journey around the Mojave becomes less about revenge, and more about survival. You can mix and match which mods you add, but downloading them all will give you a hardcore mode like no other.

A total of five mods were released as part of this collection this week. All are created by Nexus Mods user AVeryUncreativeUsername, and are as follows:

  • Never Level Up
  • No Quest Markers
  • No Challenge Messages
  • Disable Quest Messages
  • One Hit Death

Yup, that's right. Not only can you doom yourself to never ever level up, and be stuck with the same stats from start to finish – you can also set it so a single hit will take you out. Oh, and you better have a good memory, because your Pip-Boy won't be keeping track of much for you. This is (hopefully) the closest any of us will come to experiencing what it feels like to be shot in the head and dumped outside of Vegas, fumbling around the desert.

However, if this isn't really you're thing, there's bound to be another New Vegas mod to keep you busy. As we covered recently, a new "truce" mod allows you to solve the Mojave's woes with diplomacy, rather than violence. You'll be able to negotiate truces among most of the wasteland's factions, getting them to team up against their real enemy. Of course, you won't get the NCR and Legion playing nice, but it will save a lot of bloodshed with the smaller gangs.

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