Final Fantasy 14: Lapis Manalis Dungeon Guide

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Lapis Manalis is a level 90 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. Shortly after returning from the Thirteenth, Vrtra hears a call from his lost sister in Garlemald. After arriving in Garlemald and meeting up with the twins, you learn of a supposed portal that is bringing Voidsent to the area.

As you ascend the snowy peaks of Garlemald in search of this portal, you will have to contend with the various monsters of Lapis Manalis. Below, we'll take a look at each of the bosses you will face in this dungeon, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock Lapis Manalis

This dungeon can be unlocked through the Main Story Quests of patch 6.3.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest 'King of the Mountain'
    • NPC Location: Alphinaud – Tertium, Garlemald (X:32.0, Y:16.6)

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    As a story dungeon, you will be able to undertake the dungeon with a group of Trust NPCs. Before entering Lapis Manalis, you can form a party with characters like Alphinaud, Y'shtola, and Zero to help you through the dungeon. Using the Trust system allows you to take the dungeon on at your own pace, and the NPCs will also greatly help you to learn the attacks of each boss, as they perfectly dodge each mechanic.

    For the most part, this dungeon is quite straightforward, just keep an eye out for treasure coffers for iLvl 605 gear.


    The first boss of Lapis Manalis is Albion. This boss will use the following attacks and mechanics.

    Attack Name



    Call of the Mountain


    • Causes the left or right side of the arena to tremble, before a stampede of monsters appears from the forest, dealing damage as they move. Watch where the trees are rumbling and move accordingly to avoid the line AoE.

    Albion's Embrace


    • Deals high damage in a small area around the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate this damage while moving away from party members.

    Right/Left Slam


    • Albion will deal damage to its right or left, respectively. Move to the opposite side of the boss to avoid taking damage.

    Knock on Ice


    • Summons ice rocks around the arena, which deal damage where they appear. Then, the boss will use Icebreaker.


    AoE/AoE Markers

    • Albion will jump to one of the ice rocks, causing it to explode in a large AoE. Move away from the targeted ice rock. Immediately after, several circle AoEs will appear, while all party members are targeted with an AoE marker. Spread out while avoiding the circle AoEs around the arena.

    Roar of Albion


    • This attack is cast immediately following the AoE markers of Icebreaker. Albion will deal high damage to all party members, but this damage can be avoided by hiding behind one of the two remaining ice rocks.

    Albion will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. Watch the treeline carefully when Call of the Mountain is used to avoid the stampede, and move carefully during the Knock on Ice and Icebreaker combo to avoid each circle AoE.

    Galatea Magna

    The second boss of Lapis Manalis is the Galatea Magna. This Garlean training doll will use the following attacks.

    Attack Name



    Waxing Cycle


    • Deals damage in a circular AoE around the boss, inflicting Sustained Damage, dealing damage over time. This attack is paired with Waning Cycle, which is used immediately before or after. To avoid this combo, stand on the edge of the AoE until the attack goes off, then quickly step into the area to avoid the AoE that follows.

    Waning Cycle


    • Deals damage in a ring-shaped AoE around the boss, inflicting Sustained Damage. This attack is paired with Waxing Cycle, which is used immediately before or after. To avoid Waxing/Waning Cycle, stand on the edge of the current AoE, then move into the previously unsafe area to avoid the next AoE.

    Soul Scythe


    • The Galatea Magna will jump in the direction it is currently facing, dealing damage in a large circular AoE where it lands.

    Soul Nebula


    • Deals damage to all party members, then creates two void portals around the arena. These portals will be numbered, indicated by the number of circles above them. Then, the boss will move to each portal in sequence, dealing damage in a diagonal cross-shaped AoE. If you are hit by this AoE, you will be inflicted with Doom, which will instantly kill you when the debuff expires. Use Esuna on Doomed players to clear the debuff.
      • To avoid this attack, make note of the numbers above each portal and move accordingly to avoid the cross AoE when it appears.
      • Subsequent uses of this attack will create four void portals instead of two.


    Gaze/Meteor Circles

    • Inflicts Glassy-Eyed on all players and summons four meteor circles. Each player should stand in one of the circles to absorb the damage of the meteor, then turn away from the boss to avoid being Petrified by the Glassy-Eyed debuff.

    The Galatea Magna will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. Soul Nebula is the main mechanic to watch out for, which can be difficult to avoid on your first run. If you're playing with Trust NPCs, be sure to utilize their precognizant abilities to determine where to move ahead of time.


    The final boss of Lapis Manalis is Cagnazzo. The third of the Four Archfiends will use the following attacks and mechanics.

    Attack Name



    Stygian Deluge


    • Deals damage to all party members and covers the edges of the arena in water, inflicting Dropsy on players who touch it. Dropsy deals high damage over time, and cannot be cleansed with Esuna.



    • Cagnazzo draws in water from the edges of the arena, creating bubbles. After a short delay, these bubbles will explode in the order they were created, dealing high damage in large circular AoEs. Move around the arena to avoid the bubbles' explosion but remain vigilant for Body Slam, which the boss will use during Antediluvian.

    Body Slam


    • Cagnazzo will knock back all players from the center of the arena. Be careful not to be knocked into the edge of the arena, which will inflict Dropsy.

    Hydraulic Ram

    Mixed AoE

    • Cagnazzo will charge around the arena as indicated by the red line AoE markers, dealing damage as he moves. Additionally, Hydrobombs will be tossed as the boss moves, dealing damage in circle AoEs. Watch where the red line AoE appears and move accordingly to find a safe spot for the duration of this attack.


    Stack Marker

    • Targets one player with a stack marker. Group up on the affected player to spread out the damage of this AoE.

    Cursed Tide

    AoE Marker

    • Cagnazzo will inflict Neap Tide on all players before becoming untargetable and moving to one edge of the arena. Here, he will summon four Fearsome Floatsam, and tether to them. Shortly after, Neap Tide will expire, and all players will be targeted with an AoE Marker. Spread out to avoid this AoE while preparing for the next set of attacks.

    Fearsome Floatsam


    • While the Fearsome Floatsam remain, Cagnazzo will continuously charge his power. During this time, several circle AoEs will appear around the arena at certain intervals. Avoid these while destroying the Fearsome Floatsam. When all four Floatsam have been destroyed, or when Cagnazzo's power reaches 100, he will cast Tsunami, dealing damage to all players according to how high his power is. At 100%, this attack will instantly kill you.



    • Cagnazzo summons four void portals that will each tether to a player. While tethered, the portal will deal damage in the player's direction with a conal AoE. Spread out from other players to avoid hitting them with your AoE, and prepare to dodge the next attack, Lifescleaver, that will occur while the portals are active.



    • Cagnazzo will deal damage in several cone-shaped AoEs from the center of the arena. Move between the AoEs while making sure your Voidcleaver AoE does not overlap other players.

    Void Torrent


    • Deals high damage in a line AoE towards the Tank. Move away from the rest of the party and use defensive cooldowns as necessary.

    Cagnazzo will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. The red line AoEs of Hydraulic Ram only appear for a moment, so watch carefully to determine the best place to stand to avoid them. After defeating Cagnazzo, Lapis Manalis will be complete.

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