Final Fantasy 14 Streamer Plays With Literal Pencil And Book

You probably think of RGB keyboards and fancy gaming mouses when you think of MMOs, maybe a controller depending on the game. What you don't expect is someone in a blue graduate gown and cap with a fancy spell book and pen, literally scribbling spells out to cast them in-game.

That's what Super Louis 64 did, the man who once played Final Fantasy 14 with a Ring Fit Adventure and pizza. His most recent creation is even more bizarre as he put together an interactive book and pencil in that inputs commands. With it in hand, he cobbled together a Scholar healer, only the abilities he can use are much more limited—turns out that books are more constrictive than light-up mechanical keyboards (thanks, Eurogamer).

He was able to get a few spells working with the book, but not every ability could be mapped, meaning that he couldn't use Swiftcast or instant revive. This understandably made healing a bit tougher but that didn't dissuade Louis as he jumped into actual online duties that he completed, all by jotting down his spells. Next time you angrily type out that a healer is bad, keep in mind that they might be using a notepad to play.

"So uh I'm testing this live right now!" Louis tweeted alongside a picture of him in his blue graduate robes with the pencil and book. You can see his toon "Louis Sixty-four", a "Distant Stargazer", hanging out with some training dummies. "I haven't worn a cap and gown in probably 8-ish years it feels so weird!"

He also tweeted, "'Fixed a bug that prevented doodling in the book doesn't cast Adloquium' was a sentence I didn't think I would ever write out but here we are. Book build for FFXIV is almost done!"

The book was put together by Erin, otherwise known as Ice Queen OG, and you can see it in more detail embedded above.

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