Final Fantasy 14 Streamer Zepla Evacuates Ukraine Following Invasion

Ukrainian based Final Fantasy 14 streamer, Zepla HQ, has fled the country following the Russian invasion and resulting attacks. Zepla, who is an American citizen, is now staying in neighbouring Poland, as she is unable to return home to the US due to uncertainties surrounding her pets' travel status.

Zepla has been sharing her accounts since yesterday morning, when civilians across the country awoke to the sounds of explosions. More blasts have been heard today, with airports among the areas to be attacked, further complicating evacuation efforts.

Zepla shared that she would be leaving yesterday morning (thanks, Fanbyte), as she heard air raid sirens throughout the city. She eventually reached Poland, sharing that she was now safe. The streamer had already fled her home in Kyiv less than two weeks ago, before her and many others were forced to move once more.

Zepla is far from the only gaming industry figure to be affected by the attacks on Ukraine. Game devs and esports stars are speaking out about the ongoing invasion, sharing accounts of the violence, as well as resources for allies who wish to help. Among those speaking out are the devs behind Stalker 2 and The Sinking City.

On top of that, Team Liquid has said that it will try to house anyone in the esports community who is unable to make it back home, as the invasion has left many unable to travel. The CEO of Team Liquid encourage those affected to reach out, as they are prepared to open up their apartments in the Netherlands.

For more information on the conflict, and for ways in which you can help the people of Ukraine, you can view the resources put together here.

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