Final Fantasy 14: The Lost City Of Amdapor (Hard) Dungeon Guide

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The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) is a level 60 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward. Originally added in patch 3.2, this optional dungeon will have you exploring the Lost City of Amdapor once again. The Seedseers of Gridania have been alerted to an evil presence in the depths of the city, and it's your job to deal with it.

As you make your way back through the Lost City of Amdapor, you may come across some familiar foes. Let's take a look at each boss you'll find in this dungeon, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock The Lost City Of Amdapor (Hard)

This dungeon is unlocked through the following side quest.

  • Accept the quest 'One More Night in Amdapor'
    • NPC Location: E-Sumi-Yan – Old Gridania (X:6.0, Y:10.6)

    This quest will only appear after completing the Main Scenario Quest 'Heavensward', and the side quest 'One Night in Amdapor', which tasks you with completing the normal version of this dungeon.

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    As you make your way through the dungeon, you'll be blocked at various points by destroyable walls. Group up the nearby enemies and destroy them all at once to quickly move to the next area.

    In the section of Amdapor after the first boss, you'll be able to move enemies into the circles of light on the ground, which will inflict them with various debuffs. Moving enemies into light circles will allow you to quickly kill these enemies and move deeper into the dungeon.


    The first boss of the Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) is Achamoth. This boss will use the following attacks.

    • Pyscho Squama: Achamoth will target a random player before turning towards them and attacking with a large frontal cone AoE. Quickly move outside the AoE indicator when the boss starts to turn.
    • Toxic Squama: Achamoth will target a random player with a toxic cloud that will tether to them. Then, the cloud will slowly follow them around the arena, and if it reaches the tethered player, it will explode, dealing damage, inflicting vulnerability up, and dropping a poison puddle at the location. If you are targeted by this attack, run around the arena until the toxic cloud dissipates.
    • Neuro Squama: Achamoth will create a clone of each player at their position, which will soon attack with Enthrallment.
      • Enthrallment: A large cone AoE in the direction the clone is facing. To deal with this mechanic, all players should face towards the edge of the arena during Nuero Squama to face their clones away from the center of the arena. This will cause the resulting Enthrallment AoE to resolve in a much smaller area, protecting your party from being hit with multiple AoE attacks.

      Achamoth will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. The most important thing to remember is to turn and face the outer edge of the arena during Neuro Squama. Overlapping any number of these AoEs with other players can be deadly, so do your best to avoid it.

      Winged Lion

      The second boss of this dungeon is the Winged Lion, who will use the following attacks and mechanics.

      • Ancient Aero: Targets a random area with a large circle AoE. After the AoE explodes, a wind orb will be left behind. This orb will slowly grow over time, increasing the amount of damage it deals when it eventually explodes. This can be mitigated by having a player, usually the Tank, run through the orb to pop it before it grows too big.
      • Ancient Stone: Targets two players with circle AoEs. Similar to Ancient Aero, one of these will also leave behind a stone orb that grows over time. Handle this in the same way as Ancient Aero.
      • Ancient Holy: The Winged Lion will leap into the air and summon an Arcane Sphere below itself, which will quickly grow in size and damage. Destroy the Sphere before it grows to its maximum size and explodes, dealing damage to all party members. Additionally, this attack will leave behind a holy orb, similar to Ancient Aero and Ancient Stone, which should be dealt with in the same way as before.
        • Amdapori Gargoyle adds: From the second use of this attack on, Amdapori Gargoyle adds will spawn while the Arcane Sphere grows. Focus on the Sphere first, then kill the adds after.
      • Ancient Libra: The Winged Lion will deal damage to all players and inflict either a wind defense down or earth defense down debuff. As expected, these debuffs will cause you to take more damage from the relevant element, making popping the orbs more risky. To deal with this, make sure only players with opposite debuffs pop the corresponding orbs.
      • The Winged Lion will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. As the fight continues, Ancient Aero, Stone, and Holy can summon more than one orb at once. Be prepared to deal with additional orbs later in the fight.


        The final boss of the Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) is Kuribu. When the fight begins, Kuribu will grant herself several buffs, most importantly is Seed of Life, which will allow her to resurrect twice during the fight. Each time the boss revives, she will gain access to new mechanics.

        Phase 1 (First Life)

        • Glory: Deals damage in a wide cone to the front of the boss. Move out of the AoE indicator to avoid.
        • Regen: Places a puddle nearby that restores Kuribu's health.
        • Cure IV: Kuribu will restore her own health by a large amount. This attack cannot be stunned or interrupted, so just DPS through the boss's healing.
        • Cure III: Kuribu will grant herself the Regen effect, slowly restoring health over time.

        While these health restoring abilities can be annoying, the boss only has one attack during this phase of the fight. Focus on DPSing the boss through this phase until she revives herself.

        Phase 2 (Second Life)

        Upon dying and reviving, Kuribu will grant herself a buff that reduces damage taken. Additionally, as phase two begins, Kuribu will cast Reverse, which will change the effects of the following attacks.

        • Reverse: Kuribu will change her stance to Reverse Stance, changing the effects of her healing abilities. Now, instead of healing herself, they will instead apply detrimental effects to the party.
        • Regen: Places a puddle nearby that inflicts Bleed on players that enter, dealing damage over time. Avoid entering the puddle, as this debuff cannot be cleansed with Esuna.
        • Cure IV: A proximity-based AoE that deals more damage the closer to the center of the AoE you are. Move far away to reduce damage taken.
        • Cure III: Targets random players with large AoE markers. Spread out to avoid overlapping these.

        Phase 3 (Third Life)

        When the boss revives for the second time, she will gain access to two new mechanics, detailed below.

        • Reverse Swap: In her third life, Kuribu can now freely swap between Normal and Reverse Stances. Watch carefully to determine which Stance the boss is in when she uses her attacks.
        • Decoy: Kuribu will summon a High or Low Putto, depending on which Stance she is currently in.
          • High Putto: Summoned in Normal Stance. Tethers to the boss and heals her over time.
          • Low Putto: Summoned in Reverse Stance. Tethers to a random player and inflicts a stacking Bleed debuff, dealing damage over time.
          • Both of these adds should be destroyed as quickly as possible.

          Kuribu will repeat these attacks until she is defeated. Keep an eye on which Stance she swaps to, and avoid each AoE as necessary.

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