Final Fantasy 16’s Torgal Is A Wolf, Not A Dog

The official Final Fantasy 16 Japanese Twitter account has confirmed that Torgal is a wolf and not a dog, something that has confused fans since the character was first revealed.

Back when Final Fantasy 16 was first revealed, one shot in the trailer showed a tiny puppy named Torgal that we later learned would come back to help Clive later in the story when he was fully grown (Torgal that is, not Clive). Considering Torgal's cute puppy form, many assumed that he was a dog of some kind, even though his adult form looked more like a wolf, leading to some confusion among fans over what animal Torgal actually is.

Thankfully, the Final Fantasy 16 Twitter account has confirmed once and for all that Torgal is a wolf and not a dog. Yesterday, the account shared an image of Torgal as a puppy and as a grown wolf, along with this description, "A wolf that originated in the northern part of the continent, Clive and Joshua's father Elwin brought back Torgal, who was separated from the pack during a northern expedition, and was raised in the Rosfield family. A reliable partner who accompanies Clive on his harsh journey."

That confirms once and for all that Torgal is not a dog and is in fact a wolf from the northern part of Valisthea. The fact that the Japanese account just outright said that Torgal is a wolf might make it seem like it was obvious all along, but the English Final Fantasy 16 Twitter account also shared a bio for Torgal last week, where him being a wolf wasn't mentioned, despite the two bios clearly using the same information.

The English bio reads, "Another outcast from the Northern Territories taken in by House Rosfield, Torgal was found alone in a snowfield during one of Archduke Elwin's expeditions to the freezing north, and gifted to his sons upon his return. After somehow surviving the disaster that nearly ended the Rosfield line, he was reunited with Clive over a decade later, and now serves his master with the same fierce loyalty he did when he was but a pup."

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