First Look At The Witcher: Monster Slayer Gameplay

Developer Spokko Games has revealed its first look at The Witcher: Monster Slayer gameplay, and so far it looks great. In the gameplay video below, we can see that players will need to learn how to strategically fight off several dangerous monsters from The Witcher universe, while also having the familiar real-world map overlay players have come to expect from games like Pokémon: GO.

Combat appears to be deeper than other AR games. The video shows the player parrying, blocking, and striking monsters. Each strike appears to happen in real-time, so you’ll need to learn the attack patterns of each monster to effectively survive and counterattack.

The UI shows three distinct bars on the screen. A vertical red bar could indicate the player’s health, stamina, or something else, and the two horizontal bars – one yellow and one red – could be for the monster. Perhaps there’s a type of shield or stagger meter that needs to be depleted before the monster can take any real damage.

Like Pokémon: GO, the real-world map shows a player walking, with monsters popping up as they pass. This looks like the primary way of finding and engaging enemies to fight. Following a successful hunt, you’ll have the opportunity to harvest parts of each monster. Crafting weapons and armor is important in The Witcher game series, and it’s a smart design choice for an AR mobile title.

The video also reveals that players will embark on quests. Side quests are such an important feature of The Witcher series, and it would be great to see players tasked with eliminating specific types of monsters that they need to locate throughout the world.

There is no firm launch date yet for The Witcher: Monster Slayer, but you can click here to sign up for the official newsletter to hear more as news develops.

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