Forget gamer chairs – now there are gamer beds, but they're not cheap…

Dreams has released the first ever dedicated gaming bed, in a variety of sizes and with a built-in TV, but it’s going to cost you.

Sometimes, when you’re particularly hooked on a game, you find yourself playing it even in bed. That’s fine with a handheld console but with a PlayStation or Xbox it’s not always the easiest thing to set up.

Retailer Dreams is clearly aware that bedtime gaming is a popular pastime because it’s now selling a dedicated gamer bed, the first of its kind.

What this means is that it comes with a built-in TV at the foot of the bed, for you to plug your consoles into, with USB and headphone jacks in the headboard so you don’t keep the rest of the house up during a late-night session.

The TV slides down into the bed whenever it’s not in use and the consoles can be stored in a tray underneath the mattress.

Since such a product will be popular with adults and children, Dreams is offering the bed in three different sizes: a 4 foot small double, a 4’6 double, and a 5’0 king size.

Even the TV comes in three different options. The standard is a 32-inch Smart HD LED TV, but you can opt for the same type that’s 42 inches or a 42-inch Smart 4K TV.

How much the bed costs varies depending on your combination of TV and bed size. At its cheapest (so the 4 foot small double plus the 32-inch TV), it will set you back £1,799. If you want the biggest bed frame and the 4K TV, however, it’ll cost you £2,299.

This also doesn’t include the optional bedside table you can buy separately, which is priced at £179. Designed to match the gamer bed, it comes with extra storage space, USB ports that charge up your controllers, and a controller holder.

The bed doesn’t come with a mattress, but Dreams’ website says that you can get 20% off your purchase if you buy a mattress with it.

Even if you decide to skip on the bedside table and buy the recommended mattress, the cheapest you can get the bed for is £2,658.

‘We’ve seen a real shift in attitudes towards gaming since the pandemic, as well as a demand in people wanting to enjoy the gaming experience in comfort and style,’ says Dreams’ director of buying Fabio Perotta.

‘Dreams understand that beds are so much more than just a place for us to rest our heads, which inspired us to create the first ever gaming bed available up to King size.’

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