Forget The Bidet, We Need These Pokémon Fall Guys Skins

Forget that stupid bidet company! This is the Pokémon slash Fall Guys crossover that we need in this most horrific of timelines.

Some of you might remember that Fall Guys is hosting a charity auction where the winner is going to be immortalized in Fall Guys via a brand new costume. The winning bid is currently YouTube channel FV TV, but before that, a bidet company was briefly in the lead after outbidding Ninja.

Winning a charity auction is certainly one way of getting your costume into Fall Guys, but it’s not the only way. Developer Mediatonic has shown itself to be quite comfortable with doing game crossovers, like this costume from Team Fortress 2, or the recently added P-Body costume from Portal.

But could there be a bigger crossover than Fall Guys and Pokémon? We think not. And that’s why Chase Morello’s Pokémon costumes need to happen.

Chase is a 3D artist working at Steamroller Studios. If you’ve seen trailers for Fortnite, Anthem, or Cyberpunk 2077, you’ve probably seen some of his work already. And if not, who cares, because these Fall Guys costumes speak for themselves.

Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise all recreated to adorn a Fall Guys jelly bean. What could be more nostalgic than a giant Pokémon onesie?

The response was predictably positive with fans cheering the potential Pokémon mashup. Some even floated ideas for their favorite Pokémon as Fall Guys costumes.

But how likely is this to happen? Well, not great at the moment, but they could get better. Rumors point to a possible Fall Guys Switch port, and what better way to celebrate Fall Guys arriving on a Nintendo platform than a set of iconic Pokémon costumes?

Let’s all cross our fingers for Mediatonic to reach out to Chase and then Nintendo to provide their blessings on this one. We all want this to happen, so keep the lawyers at bay and just let it happen.

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