Forspoken Might Have A Connection With A PS4 Tech Demo

One of the most surprising announcements to come from the Square Enix Presents yesterday was the reveal that Project Athia is now called Forspoken. As it turns out though, it might have been called something else up until recently, and it might even have a connection with a PS4 tech demo.

After the game’s reveal on the live stream, Sony uploaded the reveal trailer to its YouTube channel but accidentally included this line, “introducing WITCH, the new narrative-driven adventure set in a beautiful yet cruel world”. The rest of the description matches the information that was revealed during the steam yesterday, so it seems like a weird mistake on Sony’s end. That piece of the description has since been removed, but not before being noticed on Twitter by Alex Donaldson.

Games going through several name changes isn’t a big deal, but the name Witch actually calls back to some old Square Enix tech demos that could shed some light on what Forspoken might end up being.

The most significant reference dates all the way back to 2012 when Square Enix released a tech demo for the PS4 called Agni’s Philosophy. This little footage reel was made to show off what a future Final Fantasy could look like and featured a witch defending a city with magic and riding around on a dragon in a mythical landscape.

That tech demo actually spawned another tech demo in 2015, but this time under the name WITCH (Chapter 0 – Cry). Sound familiar? This footage showed off Square Enix’s rendering with the same character from before, Agni, and how their technology could realistically render crying. The interesting thing to take away from this demo is the title and how it’s the same as the one in the Forspoken description, even down to the capitalisation of the name.

If nothing else, this at least suggests that Square Enix was going to bring over certain elements of the tech demo, or thought that naming it Witch would be a fun callback. Comparing Forspoken to the witch tech demos shows some thematic similarities, such as the main character being a witch on the run, but the character Agni has been replaced with protagonist Frey Holland.

Comparisons to Final Fantasy have surrounded Forspoken since its reveal, with many fans comparing the environments and designs to Final Fantasy 15. If Forspoken was originally going to be called Witch and possibly connected to the tech demo of old, it all starts to make a bit more sense why a lot of people thought it looked like a Final Fantasy game.

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