Fortnite has a hidden island underwater reveal dataminers

Fortnite fans have found a new location hidden under the water and it looks like it’s going to turn into a home base for Aquaman.

When the waters inevitably fall in Fortnite, later this season, there’s a hidden island waiting to be revealed, as discovered by dataminers digging into the game’s secrets.

The island is referred to as The Ruins and has already started to rise to the surface today, although it’s still unclear what exactly it is.

Many have suggested that it’s a hangout for Aquaman, much as Deadpool got his own headquarters last season, although our extensive knowledge of Aquaman lore (by which we mean we checked the DC Comics wiki) doesn’t reveal anything called The Ruins.

It could be a reference to Atlantis but as far as we understand Atlantis is perfectly intact at the bottom of the ocean in the DC universe.

What we do know, because Epic has already said so, is that as the map slowly dries out roads will start to appear and so too will driveable vehicles (although not, it seems, cop cars).

The Ruins are at the top left of the island and, according to dataminers on Reddit, the map above is the final form of the island from the end of this season.

Season 3 isn’t scheduled to end until late August, so it may be that long until we see The Ruins in their full glory. Although considering how many delays Season 3 had in starting it probably won’t be a smooth ride to Season 4.

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