Fortnite Players Are Discussing The Game’s Most Useless Items

Players of the popular battle royale Fortnite have been discussing which items in the game are the most useless, prompting all sorts of lively discussion and debate. While several things have so far been mentioned, a couple of different items in particular have already emerged as being among the most pointless.

The conversation has been taking place on the popular social media platform Reddit. “What’s the most useless item in Fortnite ever? I’ll go first,” the user known as myMcLarenP1 pointed out, posting a picture of The Cash.

“I remember The Cash existing,” the user called Duckyboi10 said in response to the question. “But what exactly did it do besides just being there?” This prompted a reply from another user known as PMMeUnwantedGiftCard who noted that “it did absolutely nothing, it was just there to make you feel like you were playing Borderlands since the Rift Zone regenerated shields, gave everyone a cell shaded effect and opening anything made cash come out just like in the games.”

The other answers to this particularly pressing question have settled on some unsurprising items, booted vehicles for example. “I cursed Epic as I chuckled every time I got bamboozled by the boot,” the user going by JRocFuhsYoBih noted. “I thought it was a funny addition to the game.” The user called PatriarchalTaxi then explained how “it's so that the game looks like it has more vehicles than it really has. Basically, not all vehicles are usable. Some are just part of the scenery. That said, I think it would be great if a future update included a clamp key that allows you to release a clamped vehicle.”

This comes in the wake of news that Kai Cenat will be getting his own tournament. "Fortnite is allowing us to run our own tournament when they came to me and said 'yo, you want this tournament together?’ All right, cool, fire," the streamer said, noting how the event is "gonna be fire though, it's gonna be fire."

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