Fortnite Week 4 challenges: Floating Rings at Pleasant Park, Aquaman Backbling and MORE

Fortnite developer Epic Games is getting ready to release the next wave of challenges for Season 3. The Fortnite Week 4 challenges will be available on July 9 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Challenges are among the easiest and most fun ways to level up the Battle Pass and earn new rewards. Players will receive a whopping 35,000 XP for completing each challenge, making them essential for getting the most out of the Battle Pass. There are also a variety of Style challenges to complete, including weekly tasks that unlock the Aquaman skin and accompanying items.

As for the Week 4 Fortnite challenges, the latest missions task players with everything from searching chests to collecting metal.

All of the new challenges are pretty straightforward, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing them.

First up players are tasked with searching seven treasure chests at Salty Springs. You don’t have to complete this challenge in a single game, making it one of the easiest tasks to complete.

Another challenge tasks players with eliminating three enemies at Holly Hedges. Again, you don’t have to complete this in a single match, so be patient and you’ll soon rack up the required kills. You’ll have a better chance of encountering enemies at the beginning of a match, which means it’s a good idea to land at Holly Hedges.

One of the more interesting challenges tasks players with Collecting Floating Rings at Pleasant Park. Express Online will have a guide on how to complete this challenge when it goes live, so check back soon for more information.

Next up you’ll need to complete a lap at Motorboat Mayhem. This will be marked on your map, and should be pretty straightforward – providing you don’t get shot down by other players.

Another self-explanatory challenge tasks players with finishing in the top 25 after landing at Frenzy Farm. If you’re a skilled Fortnite player then you shouldn’t have any problem with this challenge. If your trigger skills aren’t the best, then it’s probably best to land at Frenzy Farm and then make your way to a quieter area of the map (within the storm circle) and wait things out.

Next up you’ll need to collect metal from Rickety Rig, search ammo boxes at Steamy Stacks and deal 500 damage to opponents at The Authority. None of these should need explaining.

Finally, one of the more fun challenges tasks players with dancing on camera for ten seconds at Sweaty Sands. The camera can be found in the northern part of Sweaty Sands. Just make sure you’re in view of the camera, watch out for rival players and then use an emote for ten seconds.

Elsewhere, the week 4 Aquaman challenge tasks players with completing a Swimming Time Trial at Dirty Docks. This should be signposted, but check back when the challenges go live for a more in-depth guide. The reward is a nifty new Aquaman Backbling.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Week 4 Aquaman challenge…

• Complete the Swimming Time Trial at Dirty Docks (1)

Fortnite Chapter 2, Week 4 challenges in full…

• Search Chests at Salty Springs (7)

• Eliminations at Holly Hedges (3)

• Collect Floating Rings at Pleasant Park (4)

• Complete a lap at Motorboat Mayhem (1)

• Land at Frenzy Farm and finish Top 25 (1)

• Collect Metal from Rickety Rig (200)

• Dance on camera for 10s at Sweaty Sands (10)

• Search Ammo Boxes at Steamy Stacks (7)

• Deal damage to opponents at The Authority (500)

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