Fortnite: X Biggest Changes In Chapter 2: Season 7

Fortnite easily provides some of the best seasons in all of the battle royale genre. Season after season, Epic Games continues to deliver high-quality changes to the game’s battle royale mode. Sure, not all of the seasons have been winners, but Epic continues to innovate and iterate in the best possible way.

Chapter 2 Season 7 has just released and with it comes a whole slew of exciting changes. Each season generally adds new weapons, map locations, and storyline tidbits, but this season has really gone all out to make it memorable. Due to the staggering amount of new content in this season, this list will provide ten of the biggest changes to get excited about.

10 Invasion Theme – Out Of This World

Fortnite’s newest season is all about aliens, specifically an alien invasion. The Chapter 2 Season 7 story trailer shows a massive alien spaceship, similar to the one from Independence Day, showing up to the island and destroying the spire.

This new invasion theme permeates every part of the new season from the battle pass to the characters to the map. This season feels like a true return to form for the battle royale, harkening back to the earlier Chapter 1 seasons. It will be interesting to see how the aliens weave into the overarching storyline as the season progresses.

9 High-Tech Weapons – Galactic Arsenal

One of the most exciting additions to any new Fortnite season is the inclusion of new weapons and items to try out. Chapter 2 Season 7 absolutely delivers with a few new additions to the arsenal all themed around the alien invasion aesthetic.

The new alien weaponry includes a plasma rifle, an uber-powerful rail gun mixed with a sniper rifle, and a recon grenade launcher. Each one of these new weapons feels unlike anything that has been seen before in previous seasons. The rail gun is easily the most exciting and devastating with lots of players trying it out.

8 Battle Pass Stars – A New Way To Progress

While battle passes in free-to-play games might be divisive, it has to be said that Fortnite has one of the best ones each season. Epic Games does a fantastic job of constantly mixing up the leveling and progression formula to make it fair for players.

Like many other aspects of this new season, the battle pass here harkens back to the earlier seasons of Chapter 1, reintroducing battle stars. In an interesting and very player-friendly move, battle stars can be earned by leveling up, which then allows players to unlock new items in any order they want. It’s such a simple yet smart inclusion for this new season.

7 Customizable Alien Character – Kymera

Epic Games is constantly innovating in order to keep each season fresh in Fortnite. While previous seasons have had season-long customizable characters and umbrellas, this season introduces Kymera, a fully customizable alien character. He starts out as a purple alien with white armor but can be evolved through your time playing.

As players explore the updated island map, they can come across alien artifacts, small purple vials, that once obtained, can be used to purchase different heads, eyes, skins, and designs for Kymera.

6 Superman – The Man Of Steel Arrives

Fortnite is no stranger to massive crossover promotions from Marvel to God of War to Master Chief. Along with Rick and Morty making star-studded appearances in this new season, players are treated to the Man of Steel himself, Superman.

While this probably shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point in the battle royale’s life cycle, Superman is a fan-favorite character that players have eagerly been hoping for. Superman starts out as Clark Kent with different versions of him as well as other Superman adjacent goodies opening up as the season progresses.

5 Alien Research Outposts – Time To Study

Another exciting part of any Fortnite season is the introduction of new landmarks and locations all across the island. While this season is lighter in terms of massive, new, named landmarks, Epic has stated that it will continue to evolve as the season progresses.

Dotted all across the map are alien research bases complete with giant dishes to keep track of the alien activity. It’s quite clear that these IO (Imagined Order) bases popped up to research the incredible spaceship hovering over the island. Players will find all shapes and sizes of research bases to explore across the map.

4 Giant Spaceship In The Sky – Very Ominous

One of the biggest surprises this season is the planet-sized spaceship hovering over the entirety of the sky. This intergalactic ship is staggering to look at and certainly creates an ominous air of mystery as the season begins. It features vibrant purple lights and huge aperture doors.

While players are still unsure about whether these aliens are friendly or not, it will be fascinating to see how this setpiece evolves as the season moves forward. Even if nothing noteworthy happens with it, the sheer enormity of it changes up the feeling of each match.

3 IO Storyline – Turning The Page

The Fortnite storyline might slowly be moving into Kingdom Hearts convoluted territory with each new season. Just as players think they have a grasp on the overarching narrative, Epic Games throws in something to trip them up. In this case, that something is aliens demolishing the spire which held The Foundation. Jonesy also doesn’t seem to be a part of this season so far.

Despite that, eager story fans of Fortnite have come to learn more about the IO or the Imagined Order. The IO has crept into the storyline throughout many seasons but seemed to die out in the last couple of seasons. Well, they are back in full force and seem to be led by Dr. Sloane, the former boss of Jonesy.

2 Alien Landscapes – Lots To Explore

Sometimes the best changes in Fortnite are the smallest and simplest ones because they help shape the overall aesthetic of the game. One addition to this new season is the addition of small alien-looking mini biomes. Once the giant spaceship obliterated the spire, shards of said spire went flying all over the surrounding area.

These mini alien biomes are brimming with vibrant purples, blues, and violets. As you explore these areas the soundscape quite literally changes. Everything feels strange and foreign in these biomes and it helps sell the new invasion theme as players explore the map.

1 You Can Fly UFOs – Extraterrestrial Exploration

Fortnite has always tried to experiment with various modes of transportation from shopping carts to planes to mechs, and now spaceships. Yes, you can actually commandeer UFOs all around the Fortnite island.

The most accessible UFOs are the ones that have crashed landed where the blue smoke emits, heavily guarded by IO agents. There are also other UFOs flying around near locations such as Pleasant Park that can be taken over. These UFOs can lift up surrounding items and objects with their tractor beam. It’s silly but a lot of fun.

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