Free Browser VTT BattleMapp Gets Super Cool Animations Update

BattleMapp is one of many virtual tabletop programs that tabletop roleplayers have the choice of using for their ongoing pandemic-enforced games. The creator of BattleMapp recently announced an update to BattleMapp that added in numerous new helpful tooltips, expanded the selection of available weapons, and most importantly, animated the 3D character tokens to bring your combat encounters to life.

BattleMapp is a free browser-based VTT with a random map generator, dice roller, measuring tool, notepad, screen sharing – the standard suite of tools a GM needs to build and run TTRPG sessions online. Pre-made maps, landscaping, visual effects (magic, fire, fog, etc.), lighting, props, plants, and characters also all have their own tools available in the free browser version. BattleMapp’s content is primarily focused on the fantasy realm, but it does have sci-fi elements also available.

BattleMapp’s free web version (0.5.9) is available to everyone and is currently still in development after its creation only began this past August. The premium version of BattleMapp is being funded through its Patreon, with a Premium Supporter tier ($6.50 per month) and an Adventuring Party tier ($13 per month) currently available. Of course, the premium version seemingly has the majority of the groovy cool features, but you may be surprised to discover that the free version has 3D and character animations included with it.

Included on the BattleMapp app page down under the creator window is a development blog is written by Marc, the apps’ designer. Its current single entry tells the entertaining story of how Marc was inspired to create BattleMapp, after becoming uninspired from a 2-3 hour daily commute to a 9-to-5 job. Marc states that, after some conversation with a friend regarding making an augmented reality app to assist in their D&D game (which never happened), “I downloaded Unity and began learning to program in C#.“

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and their D&D group went into self-quarantine but continued to play D&D via Zoom and Roll20. Marc writes that those tools were awkward to use, and the experience sparked the thought of designing their own 3D battle map application. Combining pieces of what they had already made (building tools, narrative design elements, random environment generation), Marc brought them all together, and thus was BattleMapp born.

Find out more about BattleMapp at the main website, its Patreon, and Twitter and YouTube channels.

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