G.I. Joe Returns With A New Set Of Toys In Retro Packaging From Hasbro

G.I. Joe was a staple of the ’80s. While the toy originates from the ’60s, the 3.75 inch scale figures from the ’80s are what most people think of when they hear “G.I. Joe.” Now, Hasbro is taking a dip back into the past as they’ve announced a bunch of new figures in the Retro Collection, and GameSpot has an exclusive look at all of them below.

The coolest thing about the 3.75 inch scale figures is that you can place them inside of vehicles. Where would these Joes be without their bombastic assault vehicles? Two have been revealed for this upcoming set, one for the Joes and one for the evil criminal organization Cobra.

Both the A.W.E. Striker and H.I.S.S. Tank can hold two of your figures. The Striker comes with the character Crankcase, while H.I.S.S. Vehicle comes with Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver. Each one has seating for two figures. However, you can stand one Joe up in the Striker to man the gun on top of the vehicle. Both vehicles will cost $25 USD and will be available in October at Walmart. Pre-orders for these vehicle begin on July 17, at 11 AM ET.

Of course, the Retro Collection wouldn’t be complete without some cool figure with a ton of accessories.

The Retro Collection will have fan-favorite Joe Snake Eyes, as well as Cobra villains Baroness and Storm Shadow. Each figure comes with plenty of accessories. If you like your ninjas to have a wide-variety of weaponry, you’re in luck. The Retro Collection has katanas, bows, throwing knives, sais, and more, as both Storm Shadow and Snake eyes come with 14 accessories each. As for Baroness, she comes with a grappling hook and plenty of guns. All of these figures come with a stand as well, so you can show off your collection.

The G.I. Joe Retro Collection figures will retail for $13 USD and will be in stores–exclusively at Walmart–this October. Much like the vehicles in this collection, the figures will be available for pre-order on July 17, at 11 AM ET.

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