Game Informer's Spring Buying Guide 2022

After a long winter, you’re ready for something fun to brighten your days. Or perhaps you’ve got a big birthday or gift-giving occasion on the horizon? Whatever your reasons, we’ve got a curated selection of tech, toys, tabletop games, and more, all selected to showcase some of the recent release we’re most excited to see hit store shelves.

Disclaimer: Recommended products are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, GameStop.


Prism 4-Panel LED Art Panel Starter Kit

Awesome lighting can transform a space. These modular panels attach to the wall in any configuration you can imagine. They feature full RGB color customization, including multi-color and multi-zone mixes and full dimmable options, tweakable with either the included controller, via an app, or even over your smart speaker. $99

EVO IRM-1 Toothbrush

High-end sonic toothbrushes are going to cost you a pretty penny, so why not nod to your love of Marvel’s Iron Man when you go for the upgrade? The IRM-1 features a sophisticated multi-mode cleaning engine to keep your smile looking fresh. And the way it lights up like it’s powered by an arc reactor will have you flashing those pearly whites. $199

Wick & Skull Gaming Candles

The Wick and Skull team had the intriguing idea of crafting high-end candles to match specific gaming experiences, and they may be onto something. Or maybe it’s just nice to have your gaming space smell pleasant for a change. Shop by game, like Binding of Isaac’s oak and musk-scented “Brimstone,” or just choose a smell combo that appeals, like the lemon/ginger/saffron Health Potion. $19.99 (apiece)

The ↑↑↓↓←→←→ BA Mug

We’re not sure if the coffee you serve in this mug is going to give you 30 lives to get through the day, but at least it’ll put a smile on your face, along with any other gamer who spies it. Ceramic construction holds up just fine to dishwasher and microwave attacks. No promises on alien assaults, though. $19.99

Happy Gaming Glasses

Eye strain is a near-universal challenge for gamers. A solid set of blue-light filtering eyewear can make a big difference and has the added side benefit of potentially improving your sleep routine. Spy Optic offers a range of designs; consider the Crossway or Boundless if style is a factor, while the Monolith should be your go-to if full wraparound coverage is the top priority. $90-$150


LEGO Carnotaurus Dinosaur Chase

The Jurassic World fiction has a powerful ability to unite kids and adu lts in a shared love of dinosaurs. And the series has a lot of excitement around it right now, from an animated series to the big new film. While you can find more complex sets from LEGO, this chase scene offers a rewarding mix of mini-figs, vehicles, and of course, a rampaging dino. $49.99

Miles Morales Bust

Immaculately sculpted to present Spider-Man as he appeared in his recent video game, this 10-inch bust features textured detail across the mask, and the vibrant reds pop just like they do off the screen. The golden shock effect is the perfect accompanying wrap, adding to the already impressive silhouette. $175

TMNT: Turtles In Time Pirate Rocksteady & Bebop

NECA’s Turtles line-up continues to impress, with fun poseable figures and an impressive array of characters. We’re partial to the pixelated touches added to the Turtles in Time line, which gleefully recalls that classic arcade game and all its bonkers stages, including this fan-favorite encounter against pirate-themed Rocksteady and his rapier, alongside his buddy Bebop, whip in hand. $59.99

Sonic The Hedgehog Gallery Diorama

This five-pound and roughly 5-inch sculpture nails the look of the recent film version of Big Blue’s adventures, depicting the little hedgehog at 1/6 scale as he stands atop one of Robotnik’s drones. $49.99

Dungeons & Dragons Cattie-brie Statue

D&D has had decades to build up a stable of memorable characters across novels, comics, and campaign adventures. But we’ve seen all too few collectibles from the brand. That’s why this slick 8.65-inch statue is so gratifying, bringing R.A. Salvatore’s Cattie-brie to life in her original bow-wielding badassery. Who needs a drow ranger when you’re wielding Taulmaril? $59.99


Boris – W


Foxy Shazam – The Heart Behead You


Sting – The Bridge


Mitski – Laurel Hell


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Atrix FPS Wired Mechanical Keyboard with RGB

Only at GameStop

In the world of first-person shooters, milliseconds separate celebrations from frustrations. The Atrix Sniper Keyboard delivers the tactile touch and rapid response the pros rely on. Stay on the target with an RGB keyboard that lights your way with customizable colors and shine-through keycaps. $49.99

Atrix Premium Gaming Chair

Only at GameStop

Built for the dedicated gamer, the Atrix Premium Gaming Chair boasts a solid steel frame, flexible arm rests, and sophisticated rocking mechanism for 155 degrees of tilt. Full lumbar support and breathable memory foam cushions ensure you’ll comfortably enjoy this chair for hours upon hours of gameplay. $199.99

Atrix Air Mouse

Only at GameStop

Twitch reflexes and pinpoint precision are the difference between victory and defeat in your favorite first-person shooter. The Atrix Air Mouse provides the tactical advantage you’ve been looking for. With 16,000 DPI (dots per inch), every minute movement is accurate and lightning fast. This nine-button mouse allows you to execute every move in style with multiple RGB light modes. $39.99

Atrix AX-1250 Wireless Gaming Headset for PlayStation/PC

Only at GameStop

The 5.8GHz wireless connection ensures you hear every sound as it happens and never miss a beat. With a 50-foot range and a 20-hour battery life, your squad will get its win long before it’s time to recharge. $99.99

Atrix AX-1150 Universal Wired Gaming Headset

Only at GameStop

Be prepared for a revolution in sound. This headset is unmatched when it comes to pro audio in a sleek and lightweight design. With large 50mm drivers and 7.1 surround sound, you’ll hear every footstep, shot, and loot chest from across the map. $69.99

Atrix Face Padding Set for Oculus Quest 2

Only at GameStop

An extra layer of comfort for an all-day immersive VR experience. $19.99

Atrix Dual Charging Station for PlayStation 4

Only at GameStop

LED lights indicate charging level. Full charge in only two to three hours. $19.99



The original 1989 dungeon-crawling classic has received a loving remake. Rather than mess with the approachable rules and fondly remembered quests, the new version mostly opts for cosmetic improvements, like a larger board, all-plastic furniture pieces (rather than cardboard), and a slew of new art and miniature sculpts. $125.99

Elder Gods Resin Dice

RPG players take a great deal of pride in their dice, often imbuing personalities on individual polyhedrons, so it makes sense you’d want a high-end set. RollACrit’s sharp-edged resin dice have some beautiful flair without breaking the bank. We’re partial to these Lovecraftian beauties, but there’s a wide array of alternatives to suit your style. $35.00

Star Wars: Jabba’s Palace

The incredibly simple but engaging Love Letter card game deserves its many fans, and this new Star Wars-themed twist translates that core structure into that most familiar of galaxies far, far away. Social deduction gameplay demands you pay close attention as familiar characters like Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker come into play. This is a perfect icebreaker for series fans ahead of a more involved evening of gaming. $14.99

Tales From the Loop: The Board Game

You’re missing out if you’ve yet to explore the retro sci-fi aesthetics of Simon Stålenhag’s fascinating world. The new board game brings life to a pastoral Scandinavian setting in an alternate version of the 1980s filled with mechanical walkers, dinosaurs, and strange phenomena. Cooperatively steer a cast of kids as they juggle solving the region’s mysteries and dealing with the comparatively mundane tasks of chores and home life. Stellar production value and innovative freeform gameplay are sure to fascinate. $74.29


This competitive dark medieval fantasy game supports one to three players on a story- and choice-driven adventure. Players choose their character, then usher them to their destiny with the help of an accompanying digital app, built to enrich the storytelling and lend increased nuance. Easy to learn but still impressively deep, it’s a novel experience that is almost RPG-like. $49.99

Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

Critical Role’s much-beloved campaign book is a treasure trove of info and art on the streaming series’ sprawling fantasy world. Darrington Press offers a lovely hardback edition and has also partnered with the team at Beadle and Grimm’s to offer luxurious boxed set versions. These include tons of bonus content, in-world handouts, giant maps, and even jewelry pieces – the very definition of collector’s editions for those truly dedicated Critters out there. $49.99 (standard), $249 (Awakened), $349 (Exalted)

Books & RPGS

The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Encyclopedia


The Labyrinth


Klingon Star Trek Adventures





EZQuest Ultra HD HDMI Cables

Anyone who has spent enough time around electronics can tell you that you should be cautious of overpriced wiring solutions. But that doesn’t mean you should still be rocking that old HDMI 1.0 cable that came with your console 10 years ago. EZQuest’s Ultra HD cables offer a good combination of affordability and quality. Nylon braiding and solid aluminum connection housings hold up to punishment, but it’s the support for just about any high-end connection that should give you peace of mind. $19.99

ESL iOS Mobile Gaming Controller

If you’ve found yourself embracing the growing potential of the mobile gaming scene, it won’t be long before you want something more robust than a touchscreen input option. The ESL offers a familiar shape and form factor for console gamers, a raised mount into which your phone can comfortably rest, and passthrough charging. Play experience is strong with no recognizable lag. $59.99

iPad mini

The latest iteration of the iPad mini is uniquely suited to those looking for a combination of portability and strong gaming performance. The 8.3” display is smaller than its cousins, but loses no clarity in its liquid retina display, and the blazingly fast A15 Bionic chip matches what you’ll find in the latest iPhone 13 Pro. Tech jargon aside? This little beast looks great, plays fast, and should impress whether you’re gaming, streaming movies, or just about anything else. Starting at $499

PS5 DualSense Quick Charging Stand

The curved cradle design of Razer’s new DualSense chargers is the biggest plus here. It makes it easy to drop your expended controller in after a long night of gaming, as it slides effortlessly into place without any plug-ins. It’s also nice that the restrained visual design matches the standard DualSense colors, and all at a very manageable price. $39.99

xScreen for Xbox Series S

Turn your Xbox Series S into a portable system with the amazing xScreen from UPspec gaming. This 1080p 60hz resolution display plugs right into the back of your Xbox and is powered by it, meaning you won’t need any additional cables other than your Xbox power. The screen functions like a laptop and folds down onto the Xbox, allowing for easy transportation, especially in the xScreen carry case (sold separately). $249

Philips Fidelio L3 ANC Headphones

Competition is fierce in the over-ear wireless headphones scene. But the L3 makes a compelling case, offering stellar noise-cancellation, a comfortable fit, and a warm but balanced soundscape that makes music listening especially enjoyable. A classy but understated design and impressive overall performance makes this one you should add into consideration as you juggle the many options on the market. $349

Xbox Force Feedback Racing Wheel DLX

Designed for use with a wide variety of Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One racing games, Hori’s force feedback brings you about as close to hugging those curves as you can get without being in a real driver’s seat. Heavy pedals stay put while the dual-motor feedback-driven wheel clamps to a table or other flat surface. The pushback sensation is impressive at full power, but extensive fine-tuning options let you fully customize your ride. $299

Sandisk 128 Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C

Pause for a moment and think about how wild it is that this tiny drive, less than two inches long, can hold 128 GB of data, and higher-priced options go up to 1 TB! We like the extreme portability of this unobtrusive drive, which is ideal for data transfer for those USB Type-C devices in your life, from mobile phones and tablets to PCs. $19.99

Film & TV

Robotech Collector’s Edition set






Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Complete Series


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