Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Amber

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JRPGs like to blend personalities and archetypes from all across the spectrum, and it's quite normal to have a party that pairs cynical war veterans with fun-loving teenagers. While this creates an interesting dynamic, it's strange that their fighting prowess is usually relatively equal despite differing experiences.

Genshin Impact has a lot of characters of a youthful age, yet some are far more serious than others. Almost everyone is associated with some sort of organization dedicated to fighting or adventuring, and this is also true of Amber.

Who Is Amber?

As with any fantasy world, there are bound to be knights of some form or another. Amber is a member of the Knights Of Favonius, and the only one bearing the title of Outrider. Amber is based in Mondstadt, where she aims to be as helpful as possible to those in need, whenever she can.

She's a character you can recruit early on, adding a ranged bow-user with Pyro affinity to your ranks. A sharpshooter by nature, her emphasis is on DPS and precision attacks.

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The Best Team For Amber

Since she's all about damage, Amber is limited in her role. However, other characters can support her, as well as take advantage of her summoned Baron Bunny — which serves as a handy distraction.


This claymore-wielding Pyro character makes for a great attacker. Just like Amber, Diluc's attacks and abilities are focused on dealing damage quickly and heavily. Since he's built for close combat, he can take full advantage of Amber's Bunny Baron to get even more hits in, for even greater damage. This, combined with his attack boosts and skills such as Dawn, makes him an effective DPS partner.


Every party needs a healer, and you can do no wrong with this bow-wielding support. With her healing and shielding, Diona provides everything that Amber needs in order to fight longer and harder. The Drunken Mist component of her Signature Mix Elemental Burst creates an area of effect that Amber can repeatedly use to stay healthy.

By using Icy Paws to create a shield, Amber receives damage absorption based on Diona's max HP. Cat's Tail Secret Menu, Diona's first Ascension Passive, adds a move speed boost and lowers Amber's stamina consumption by ten percent.


Though water is the opposite of fire, having this Hydro catalyst-wielder alongside Amber is a good decision. Mona's Mirror Reflection Of Doom creates a Phantom that draws enemy attacks and fights back with Hydro damage, similar to how Amber's bunny companion works.

This synergises very well with Amber's ranged attacks and Aimed Shot, piling on the damage. In addition, the Illusory Bubble status from Mona's Stellaris Phantasm can immobilize weaker enemies, making them prime targets. Meanwhile, stronger enemies will be inflicted with an Omen, making Amber's attacks even more effective.

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