Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Qiqi

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A staple in the JRPG genre is that anyone can be a hero, no matter who they are or what they look like. This leads to a lot of party members that are animals, aliens, hybrids, robots, and even young children. However, considering the amount of power the characters of Genshin Impact can wield, their ages aren't really a factor when it comes to fighting monsters and saving the world.

This is what led to Qiqi being added to the list of players you can recruit. She has an interesting background, as well as her own, formidable magic power.

Who Is Qiqi?

Genshin Impact is filled with all manner of people and creatures, both natural and supernatural. This becomes very apparent when you realize that Qiqi is in fact a zombie. Having perished at only eight years old, Qiqi was revived by a group known as the Adepti, becoming an apothecary working in Liyue Harbor.

Despite this, her weapon of choice is a sword, which she combines with her Cryo element. Even though she's built for DPS, Qiqi's main skills also let her recover health while in combat — something which can also be applied to whoever is your active party member.

The Best Team For Qiqi

Qiqi is a support DPS with equal parts attack damage and recovery boost. This comes into play among your other members through abilities like Preserver Of Fortune, which marks enemies with a symbol that lasts during combat. As such, it's good to have a diverse party of characters who can benefit from Qiqi's lasting skills, while also complementing her.


The sword is one of the most balanced melee weapons, so it's good to have another alongside Qiqi. Xingqiu is a great candidate thanks to his sword skills and Hydro powers. Since Qiqi is meant to focus on attacking, and can leave marks behind to help with healing, Xingqiu is able to take advantage of this while buffing defenses.

His Fatal Rainscreen summons swords to absorb incoming damage, while Raincutter increases their number and how they attack. This can benefit both Xingqiu and Qiqi when she decides to take over.


In addition to having another sword wielder, Qiqi can also benefit from having a fellow Cryo-user on the team. Rosaria fits the bill perfectly, with her polearm and Cryo-based attacks. While Qiqi may be a DPS, her setups allow for Rosaria to fully unleash her attacking power and focus on eliminating enemies quickly.

Her Ravaging Confession and Rites Of Termination let her deal heavy damage to single and multiple enemies, while her Regina Probationum boosts her Critical Hit Rate — making her even more effective while active.


With plenty of Hydro and Cryo on the team, having an Electro party member can really light things up. With that in mind, Beidou makes a strong match for Qiqi with her Electro-based Claymore strikes. Appearing as an attacker, Beidou can definitely deal heavy damage while also offering a personal defense.

Her Tidecaller not only gives her a powered-up attack, but also turns her weapon into a shield so she can absorb damage. She can also chain her Electro–damage between opponents using Stormbreaker. This makes Beidou a wise choice to fight together with Qiqi.

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