Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Zhongli

Zhongli is one of many Polearm users in Genshin Impact, however, he requires much closer attention to detail than the rest when you’re picking out his weapon. As a five-star character, he’s built to be strong and efficient from the moment you acquire him, so the weapons you equip him with need to highlight his strengths and elevate his weaknesses at the same time.

Unlike Yun Jin or Xiangling, Zhongli doesn’t have any three-star options that balance out his stats, though that doesn’t mean his range of weaponry is limited by any means. To fully maximize his bonuses, you’ll have to sink resources into him, but the payoff is worth it.

10 The Crescent Pike – Four Star

You won’t see this one recommended a lot, mainly because Zhongli is best used as a support team member, and the Crescent Pike doesn’t boost any stats enough to be of use to him in a support role.

That said, if you are a dedicated Zhongli fan that wants to use him as a main DPS, this is one of the best weapons for him in that role. With his strong physical shield abilities and fair amount of damage he can inflict, the Crescent Pike will boost his overall attack damage.

9 The Lithic Spear – Four Star

Fully refined, the Lithic Spear will give Zhongli a 27.6 percent bonus to attack, up to a 12 percent bonus to crit rate, and up to 565 bonus to his attack – especially if you’ve made an entire team of Liyue characters since this further increases the attack bonus.

If you haven’t gained a five-star weapon like the Staff of Homa, the Lithic Spear is an excellent four-star replacement, though it is only attainable through wishes on the Limited Weapon Banner.

8 The Favonius Lance – Four Star

Another Polearm that isn’t recommended often for Zhongli, the Favonius Lance is ironically one of his best weapon options in the game. Due to his weak orb generation and Energy Recharge, this Polearm is a smart pick to supplement these weaknesses since it boosts both attack and energy recharge.

You can pick this up through any of the Banners except the Beginner’s Banner, so it’s common enough that accessing it shouldn’t be a problem, unlike a lot of the four and five-star weapons that work best with Zhongli.

7 The Blackcliff Pole – Four Star

Chances are you will most likely be using Zhongli in a support position in your team, which means you’ll want his Energy Recharge as high as possible for both him and the team. The Blackcliff Pole will boost this stat, and if you have additional artifacts boosting energy, you will create the perfect conditions for a Zhongli that is almost never tired.

Despite being a four-star weapon, this Polearm is pretty easy to get your hands on, too, making it an even better weapon of choice. If you want to try it out with Zhongli, Paimon’s Bargain has it available for a Starglitter exchange.

6 The Deathmatch – Four Star

With the Deathmatch you’ll be increasing Zhongli’s crit rate damage. This will help you make him a fully formed threat if you’re building him up to be a DPS based on his Geo damage stats, as it will maximize his attack damage as you level him up and refine his skill sets.

The Deathmatch isn’t as easy to obtain, however, since you have to purchase the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact, and after you reach level 30 you can choose a weapon to keep, Deathmatch being one.

5 The Prototype Starglitter – Four Star

If you’re building Zhongli to be a support DPS and don’t have other Polearms – like the Blackcliff Pole, for example – then the Prototype Starglitter is a fine substitute. It’s weaker in general stats compared to all the other Polearms in the game, but it gives a noticeable enough boost to Normal Attack to make it worthwhile.

It’s also easier to obtain because you forge it yourself at the Blacksmith’s once you have Northlander Claymore Billet.

4 The Engulfing Lightning – Five Star

Another option for building up a main DPS Zhongli, the Engulfing Lightning is a stout Polearm that will beef up his damage. Going this route you will want to add the Energy Recharge artifact set to him, as well, to provide him with an energy source while on the battlefield because he drains energy quickly.

If this isn’t possible for you, the Engulfing Lightning, which is gained through Wish Events, is still a viable weapon, just so long as you have a team member that can provide a boost to his energy.

3 The Skyward Spine – Five Star

If you’ve acquired the Skyward Spine through the Standard Banner, you’ll be able to pair it with Zhongli to improve his Energy Recharge, as well as give him a solid boost to his attack damage.

Since this is a five-star weapon, it is more powerful than the four-star options providing over 200 base attack stat without any enhancement or refinement. So as you develop the Skyward Spine, you’ll only develop Zhongli even more.

2 The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear – Five Star

This is one of the most commonly recommended weapons for Zhongli because it ups the user’s crit rate significantly. It delivers over 66 percent in crit damage, and a base attack over 600, so even among the five-star Polearm weapons it has a lot of clout.

Access is hit or miss, though it is available in the regular Banner and Wish Event packs, so it’s not the most elusive weapon to get, either.

1 The Staff Of Homa – Five Star

Though most weapons are never explicitly said to be meant for one Genshin Impact character over another, most agree the Staff of Homa is handmade for Zhongli. His Elemental Skill and shield both scale directly with his health stat, and the Staff of Homa offers a 20 percent health perk with its Reckless Cinnabar feature.

You’ll also see a one percent bump in attack if Zhongli drops below 50 percent health with this Polearm, making it a perfect fit for his skill sets and needs. If you’re lucky enough to get the Staff of Homa through a Wish Event, pair it with Zhongli.

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