Genshin Impact: Electroculus Locations On Seirai Island, Inazuma

With a new batch of 181 oculi to find in Genshin Impact, we're not surprised if you still haven't managed to track them all down. We're going island by island, pinpointing each electroculus location and today's focus is on the island of Seirai.

There are 35 electroculi scattered across Seirai Island alone, and many of them require the utilization of various skills to acquire. From warping through Phase Gates and harnessing the charge of electrogranums, we've got a trick for reaching each electroculus on Seirai Island.

Electroculus Locations On Seirai Island

1This electroculus appears as a spec in the sky over the water. But it is reachable via a Phase Gate located on the tip of the Northwestern peninsula off of Koseki Village.
2There are three electroculi located on the shipwreck that has long since become part of the land. This first one is located midway down a ladder going below deck in the hull of the ship. You can also reach it by coming up through the cabins below.
3The second electroculus on the ship is perched atop the main mast. You can spring up to it easily by using the electro-surged dead shrub that "grows" near the ship's rear.
4Jump down into the exposed cabin next to the dead shrub and take a left through the opening. Make another immediate left, and you'll see a electroculus in a hanging iron brazier next to a flight of stairs leading down onto a second level.
5Use the electro-surged dead shrub at this location to launch yourself straight skywards. At the end of the trail of purple stars is the electroculus. Have fun and be safe gliding back down.
6There's an electroculus perched above the peak of a wooden archway. Summon an Electrogranum on a nearby hill to blast over to it.
7There's an electroculus nested in the base of a giant cherry tree. You'll have to climb or propel yourself with a summoned Electrogranum up into the branches, then climb over into the giant nook.
8Smash the large pile of rubble against the cliffside on the beach to reveal a small hidden alcove harboring an electroculus.
9This electroculus hovers over the wooden bridge along the cliffside.
10Drop down and turn left into the mine. You'll find an electroculus in the corner above a stack of crates.
11Use the dead electro-charged shrub at this location to propel yourself straight skyward to reach this electroculus.
12Use the nearby Phase Gate to zap up to this electroculus hanging high over the pool here.
13Use another dead shrub and follow the star trail to the electroculus.
14Check the tops of trees for the tell-tale glow while searching among the grove here.
15Find another electro-charged shrub on a small ledge on the cliffside and use it to launch to this electroculus.
16This electroculus is perched in a small tree on the water's edge.
17There's an electroculus under the awning of a building located on the island off the coast of Fort Hiraumi.
18This electroculus can be found along the beach above another dead shrub, near a patch of purple plants.
19Use a nearby Phase Gate to zap out to this electroculus suspended above the water near a protruding rock in the waves.
20Climb and glide your way up the suspended rock formation, where you'll find an electroculus sitting on top of one of the stones.
21Use an electrogranum to enter the barrier and grab the electroculus.
22This electroculus sits out on the edge of a cliff near a Phase Gate.
23This electroculus hangs mid-air. You can glide down to it from one of the nearby cliffs.
24Drop down into the opening in the ground and smash the pile of rocks to reveal the electroculus.
25This electroculus hangs above the same opening in the ground. You can reach it by using the nearby Phase Gate.
26Jump off the cliff near the dead shrub and glide out to the electroculus hanging mid-air.
27Find this electroculus inside the stone chamber in the corner above a pile of rubble.
28This electroculus is sitting out in the open against the cliff.
29This electroculus is tucked in a shadowy niche in the cliffs.
30Find this electroculus in among the purple plants. It will be floating above a rock against a couple of other stones.
31Use a Electrogranum to enter the shielded zone and grab this electroculus.
32You'll have some rock skipping to do here. And by that, we mean, use a couple of dead shrubs to propel yourself up a series of floating rocks, then glide over to the electroculus hanging high in the air.
33This electroculus hangs high over a rock near the water's edge. You can glide to it from nearby cliffs.
34Use the Phase Gate, then glide over to the electroculus hovering above the rock in mid-air.
35Find this one on the dock. You can glide to it from the upper platform.

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