Genshin Impact: Philanemo Mushroom Locations And Farming Routes

The Philanemo Mushroom is a curious ascension material in Genshin Impact as it doesn’t really grow in the wild. This mushroom likes to stick to houses, and it isn’t found growing outside of the towns and the city of Mondstadt. The mushroom is needed to ascent hydro characters Mona and Barbara, making it especially important, as Barbara is given out for free and is one of the game’s few dedicated healers. Fan-favorite Klee also uses these mushrooms for ascension.

Luckily, these mushrooms can be pretty easy to spot, but figuring out how to farm them in a convenient amount of time can be rather tricky. Below is everything you need to know about gathering the Philanemo Mushroom.

Where To Find Philanemo Mushrooms

The Philanemo Mushroom only grows in Mondstadt’s residential areas. It can typically be found right below the roof or under the eaves of houses, as its in-game description states.

  • Those who have added Klee to their party can use her passive ability to locate the mushrooms in town. This can be especially useful as most other Mondstadt specialties grow in the wild, meaning they won’t show up while in the city.

Philanemo Mushrooms can also be found growing on houses in both Springvale and at the Dawn Winery, as well as in Mondstadt city.

The Best Philanemo Mushroom Farming Route

The best way to farm Philanemo Mushroom is by teleporting to the top of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters in Mondstadt and then following the path above across the roofs. When gathering mushrooms be careful that you don’t fall. Some mushrooms will also be located on the side of Mondstadt houses.

There are a few smaller routes that you can follow to gather more mushrooms, but the bulk is found in the first route. After you collect mushrooms from around Mondstadt, you should teleport over to Springvale. Like with the houses in Mondstadt City, the ones in Springvale are covered in mushrooms.

There are also a few mushrooms growing on the houses at the Dawn Winery, but they are only worth grabbing if you are near ascension or already heading by the area.

Where To Buy Philanemo Mushrooms And How Much It Costs

Philanemo Mushrooms aren’t sold at a normal shop in the city; instead, players will need to find Chloris. She sells five items in her shop, including the mushrooms.

  • Philanemo Mushrooms costs 1,000 mora a piece, or you can buy out the shop for 5,000 mora.

Chloris will restock her shop every three days, so make sure to make a routine of visiting her to buy up all her ascension goodies.

Where To Find Chloris in Mondstadt

Chloris is a young girl around the same age as Flora, who is walking around Windrise. She is found close to the road, so make sure to just follow it from Mondstadt’s gate until you run into her.

  • Like Flora, Chloris is only available during the day and can’t be found after 19:00. If it’s night, simply use the in-game close to wait until the next morning.

Combining these two techniques should get you all the Philanemo Mushrooms you’ll need.

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