Genshin Impact: The Best Builds For Kaeya (& Everything You Need To Know About Playing The Character)

Genshin Impact is a game that is entirely free to play for those who don’t want to spend money. The game starts players out with the Traveler and three members of the Knights of Favonius. One of the most popular characters out of the knights is the mysterious Kaeya, a four-star cryo sword user who can be a great DPS when built right. The trick is learning what artifacts and weapons to use, as well as being able to pull his constellations.

Players will also want to focus on building the right team to support Kaeya by creating reactions.

Getting The Most Out of Kaeya

Kaeya isn’t a hard hitter like Diluc and isn’t incredibly fast when attacking. He is a character who falls in the middle when it comes to speed and damage dealing. His constellations actually do a lot to help make him into a solid main.

  • C1 – Kaeya’s normal and charged attacks now have a 15% crit rate bump when fighting enemies who are weak to cryo damage.
  • C2 – Kaeya’s burst, Glacial Waltz, will now be extended by 2.5 seconds every time an enemy is defeated. The maximum time the burst can be extended is 15 seconds.
  • C3 – Frostgnaw can now be leveled up to level 15.
  • C4 – Kaeya will now receive a cryo shield when his health dips below 20%. The shield will automatically absorb damage equal to 30% of Kaeya’s Hp and 250% damage if the enemy uses a cryo attack.
  • C5 – Glacial Waltz can now be leveled up to level 15.
  • C6 – Kaeya now gets an additional icicle during his burst and gains 15 energy particles from the attack.

Kaeya is most effective against enemies who are weak to cryo, especially considering the buffs in his constellations. In addition, his passive ability Cold-Blooded Strike will help him by regenerating health that is equal to 15% of his attack power when his elemental burst is used.

It’s important to keep in mind that Kaeya’s elemental skill is a quick burst of cryo damage that is shot out directly in front of him. This ability will need to be aimed to ensure that it hits enemies when fighting. It’s best combined with other elements that it can react to or used to freeze opponents for healing opportunities.

Kaeya’s burst summons three to four icicles depending on his constellation level that will circle the on-field character. As they circle, they will deal cryo damage to nearby opponents. This attack can work well to boost other characters while doing elemental damage or with Kaeya when combined with Oz or Beidou’s burst to maximize damage to enemies.

Kaeya’s Builds and Ascension Material

While Skyward Sword is the best blade that players can place with Kaeya, it’s unlikely that most players will have pulled it. Luckily, there are a few four-star weapons that can help him out.

  • Favonius Sword – Generates extra elemental particles.
  • Festering Desire – Increases both elemental skill and critical attack damage.
  • Skyrider Sword – Increase attack and speed after a burst by 12%.

As for his artifacts, the Blizzard Slayer and Noblesse Oblige are both highly recommended. Blizzard Slayer gives a 15% bonus to cryo damage, a crit rate increase of 20%, and a crit rate bonus of 20% against frozen opponents. Noblesse Oblige gives Kaeya’s elemental burst an extra 20% damage and increases all party members’ attack by 20% for twelve seconds.

With Kaeya, it’s best to focus on crit and elemental damage even if you don’t yet have the best artifact sets. Most of his damage will come from his burst and elemental skill, along with a mix of physical attacks from his sword.

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As for Ascension material for leveling up and skills, Kaeya will require:

  • Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • Silver Raven Insignia
  • Gold Raven Insignia
  • Spirit Locket of Boreas
  • Calla Lily
  • Shivada Jade
  • Hoarfrost Core

The Insignias are dropped by treasure hoarders, and the Spirit Locket of Boreas is dropped by the Wolf of The North. Calla Lily is found near water sources in Mondstadt, and the Jade and Hoarfrost Core come from the Cryo Regisvine.

Making a Party With Kaeya

Kaeya can be used as a support for any DPS pyro, electro, or hydro characters. For players who love his design and want to use him as a main though, there are quite a few support characters you can add to your party.

  • Beidou – Beidou can summon electro creatures that will circle Kaeya in battle.
  • Xiangling – Xiangling summons pyro spears that will circle the player dealing pyro damage.
  • Lisa – Lisa can use her burst to summon an electro pattern onto the field.
  • Xingqiu – Xingqiu can summon hydro swords that will attack alongside Kaeya.
  • Mona – Mona’s burst can hold enemies in place, and her elemental skill pulses hydro damage.
  • Fischl – Fischl’s elemental skill summons Oz, who constantly shoots out electro damage at enemies.
  • Barbara – Barbara can apply hydro to enemies while helping to heal Kaeya.

If possible, it’s great to try to include Barbara for healing, along with a pyro or electro character for reaction damage.

As for exploration, Kaeya’s passive ability Hidden Strength decreases the amount of stamina it takes to sprint by 20%. He is also well known for his elemental skills ability to create ice bridges. This is a particularly powerful way to travel to far-off islands when in co-op with another player.

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