Genshin Impact The Illumiscreen III: Crane Solution

Listen, I know sometimes the easy puzzles baffle us the most, but this is essentially a sliding-block puzzle, a baby version of the kind of puzzles you would find in every single room in Resident Evil. But hey, that’s enough of me making you feel bad for not being very good at a game, it’s time I helped you solve it instead. In this guide you will find everything you need to know to complete The Illumiscreen III: Crane in Genshin Impact.

In case you haven’t figured this part out already, you need to create a crane on the illumiscreen. As in, a bird, not a heavy piece of machinery, in case that was not clear. To get there you have to rotate three lanterns, a left, right, and central lantern. Each will project a third of an image onto the illumiscreen, and the image at the end should look like a crane. Simple, right?

The only problem is that each time you rotate a lantern it will also rotate a second lantern, and if you try to go back and fix that rotation, you’ll just find yourself deeper and deeper in the muck. If you want to crawl your way out, you need to work with the rotations – even the ones you don’t want. Does that make sense? No? Well don’t worry, we’re going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to solve this puzzle anyway, so you don’t need to put that much thought into it. Just read on below for everything you need to know to solve this Illumiscreen puzzle in Genshin Impact.

Solving The Crane Illumiscreen Puzzle In Genshin Impact

Right, no more messing around, if you want to solve this particular puzzle you will need to follow these instructions exactly, starting from the, uh, beginning. If you’ve already rotated the lanterns a bunch then this will not help at all. Just select the lanterns I tell you to, in order, and you will be able to solve this tricky puzzle.

  • Right lantern.
  • Central lantern.
  • Right lantern.
  • Central lantern.
  • Left lantern.
  • Left lantern.

That is it. That really is it. Follow those instructions exactly, and you should see the image below flash up on the screen, and now you’ll be able to follow the three icons which appear on your map to find the treasure and complete this quest.

See, it wasn’t that hard after all, was it? Congratulations on solving this Illumiscreen puzzle!

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