Genshin Impact: Where To Buy And Farm Fowl

I want to make a ‘fowl play‘ joke in here somewhere, but I’m not sure I can. I’ll probably just put it in the strapline or something. Anyway, Genshin Impact has a lot of resources and materials to collect in the game, and the food cooking system just means that there are dozens of food items to harvest and gather before you’re able to cook everything that’s available in Genshin Impact, so it’s only natural you’ll need some help every now and then.

In this guide we’re going to break down everything you need to know about getting more fowl. Yes, fowl comes straight from birds, and we’ll teach you how to hunt them, where to find them, and which vendor in the game you can visit to just buy some fowl with few qualms. Read below for everything you need to know about gathering fowl in Genshin Impact.

Where To Buy Fowl In Genshin Impact

We’ve mentioned this once or twice, but buying raw materials and resources in Genshin Impact isn’t always as easy as you might hope. When you do finally find a vendor that is willing to sell you raw materials and resources for your adventure, recipe, whatever, they will limit their inventory to only ten pieces of whatever you’re buying. And Fowl is no different.

If you want to buy up a bunch of Fowl in Genshin Impact, well you’re in luck, you can find a vendor who will do so. Draff lives in Springvale and spends most of his days standing outside of his house. If you complete the Springvale quests and become chums with Draff, he will happily sell you items, but only during the day. If you meet with Draff during the night, he will just drone on about how much he loves drinking. Visit during the day, however, and he’ll happily hand over up to ten pieces of fowl to help you on your way. Draff also sells raw meat, which is handy.

Where To Farm Fowl In Genshin Impact

If you can’t buy any more fowl from Draff and you’re still in need, it’s time to get hunting. This is probably obvious, but fowl is gathered from killing birds. Yes, birds, and any bird will do, but they don’t always gather in the same place. All you need to do is sneak up on the birds and take them down – though that’s certainly easier said than done in Genshin Impact. If you’re too noisy the birds will see you and, well, fly away. Stealth is your friend, as are long-range attacks from a bow. Yes, it’s your time to shine Amber.

Birds will always gather at bodies of water, for example, the pond near Springvale (which you should visit after seeing Draff, since they’re close by) or on the beaches. Travel to ponds, check for birds, and then shoot them down, before travelling to a beach and doing the same. There are plenty of beaches in Liyue, and you can spend literal hours walking along them and shooting the birds you see – and it’s all worthwhile too, if you can continue to stack resources.

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