Genshin Impact: Where To Find All Wood Types

Those who have unlocked the Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact will have realized by now that the hard work has just begun. In order to build furniture and decorate your new domain, you’ll need wood, lots of wood.

There are seven types of wood in total, birch, cedar, chihua, fir, pine, sandbearer, and Qingce bamboo. Each one has a unique look and grows in either Mondstadt, Liyue, or both. We take a look at each tree, the wood it gives you, and the best place to find it. There are also some handy tips for efficient tree farming.

How To Collect Wood In Genshin Impact

Wood is collected from different types of trees across Teyvat. All you need to do is approach the tree and take a swing at it. Wood will come off the tree, although there is no visual indication that shows if a tree has already been harvested. You can chop trees with:

  • A sword
  • A claymore
  • A polearm

Each tree will give you 3-5 pieces of wood and will reset each day. This means that you can collect a decent amount of wood just from taking a swing at trees as you do your daily commissions or other tasks. However, sometimes you’ll need a large amount of a specific type of wood. That’s where this guide comes in handy.

Birch Tree: Gives Birch Wood

Unsurprisingly, the birch tree will give you birch wood. The trees are easy to recognize due to their distinctive orange cone-shaped leaves and white trunks with black marks on them.

You’ll be able to spot birch trees in both Mondstadt and Liyue and they are often in clusters with other types of trees.

Where To Find Birch Trees In Mondstadt

Birch trees are common across Teyvat but one of the easiest places to find them is around Starfell Lake.

Teleport to the Statue of Seven, cross the water in front of you and you’ll see birch trees in groups around the lake.

Cedar Tree: Gives Fragrant Cedar Wood

The cedar tree is a large tree with dark leaves and multiple visible branches. You’ll usually find cedars in small clusters, often alongside birch or fir trees.

It’s another tree that’s common, but only in Mondstadt, and it will give you 3-5 fragrant cedar wood at a time when hit.

Where To Find Cedar Trees In Mondstadt

Again cedars are generally easy to find but you can find particularly large patches of them in the Whispering Woods near Mondstadt.

After collecting birch from Starfell Lake you can simply walk towards Mondstadt and you’ll see plenty of Cedar, and other trees, along the path.

Cuihua Tree: Gives Cuihua Wood

The cuihua tree is mostly recognizable from the fruit it bears as well as its dense almost circular shape.

The fruit makes these easy to spot and provides a bonus alongside the cuihua wood for anyone chopping them. You’ll rarely see large groups of Cuihua but they are found throughout Teyvat.

Where To Find Cuihua Trees In Mondstadt

Large groups of Cuihua are difficult to find as they are often found dotted around forests or close to paths.

To gather a few bundles of wood at once we recommend checking the area just outside the gates of Mondstadt, near the waypoint. There are several here along the paths on the crossroads.

Fir Tree: Gives Fir Wood

Fir trees are some of the hardest to spot as they look similar to other trees, especially cedars. You can distinguish them by their bushier and pointier leaves and the fact their offshoot branches are often small or cut off.

You’ll find fir trees, and consequently fir wood, all over Teyvat, alongside many other types of trees, even ones you can’t get wood from.

Where To Find Fir Trees In Mondstadt

Once again fir trees are common but one particularly easy place to farm is by Starsnatch Cliff.

Simply teleport to the nearby domain and then walk around the immediate area to spot clusters of fir trees.

Pine Tree: Gives Pine Wood

The pine tree is incredibly tall and often has sparse triangular-shaped foliage. Most of them are also covered in snow since they grow only in Dragonspine.

While some are on the outskirts, most pines are found deep within Dragonspine where you will be affected by Sheer Cold.

Where To Find Pine Trees In Dragonspine

Luckily there are plenty of pine trees close to the statue of seven in Dragonspine. If you are worried about Sheer Cold then make sure to grab some Goulash to decrease its effects.

However, in this area, you don’t need to worry too much since the pine trees are lining the snow-covered path and there are also several campfires and beacons here as well. Just watch out for the small groups of Hilichurls.

Qingce Bamboo: Gives Bamboo Segments

Qingce Bamboo is a tall and narrow bamboo tree that’s incredibly abundant in the Qingce area of Liyue.

Not only will you get bamboo segments from them but you’ll also find bamboo shoots around their bases.

Where To Find Qingce Bamboo In Liyue

You can really go anywhere in Qingce Village to find bamboo but the easiest route is to head to the Northern waypoint and then follow the path South.

Bamboo grows in huge clusters all along this path, often on both sides.

Sandbearer Tree: Gives Sandbearer Wood

Sandbearer trees are only found in Liyue and tend to look like they are stuck in Fall. They have yellow or orange leaves and narrow trunks, similar to birch but without the distinctive bark.

They are also bushier and less uniform than other trees and are often in clusters of different sizes.

Where To Find Sandbearer Trees In Liyue

You’ll spot these trees all over Liyue but there are particularly large groups of them North of Mingyun Village.

Travel to the waypoint and simply walk around the area and you’ll spot them close by, along with some other trees.

Tree Farming Routes In Genshin Impact

Mondstadt has a great farming route for collecting:

  • Fir
  • Fragrant Cedar
  • Chuihua
  • Birch

Starting at the waypoint near the Adventurer’s Guild, turn left and head down the slope and past Hertha, the reputation coordinator to exit the city. Follow around to your right and you’ll see cedar and fir trees along the edge of the island, all the way around to the main gates.

Cross over the bridge and head along the path towards Windrise to collect fir, chuihua, and cedar from along the path.

Teleport to the domain on Starsnatch Cliff and grab some fir from close by. Head West towards Starfell Lake to find some birch, then keep collecting trees as you head back down through the Whispering Woods towards Mondstadt.

Unfortunately, Liyue routes aren’t as easy. However, the trees there are mainly in very specific areas. Bamboo is all over Qingce Village and is easy to find, while pine trees are abundant in Dragonspine.

Sandbearer Trees are the main annoyance, as most are not too close to waypoints. However, you can find them in Dihua Marsh, between Nantianmen and Tianqiu Valley, and around the mountain ranges near Liyue Harbour.

Now all you need are your blueprints and some patience!

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