Get Killed In Electrical For Real With Among Us VR

Ever been playing Among Us and thought, "man, I wish I could play this in real life". No? Well, anyway, Among Us VR has just been announced at The Game Awards.

The first trailer dropped just now, showing what it will be like to roam around a spaceship with a serial killer after you – but immersive. To no one's surprise, it looks pretty bloody terrifying, as this new perspective makes it much harder to see if the imposter is sneaking up behind you, readying to attack.

Development of the VR release will be headed by Schell Games, rather than original developer Innersloth. Schell is a US-based company known for its VR offerings, so it's being handed over to a team with experience in the genre.

“We are grateful to the community who continues to share our game with friends and family and support us,” says Innersloth's Victoria Tran. “Schell Games has a legacy of creating award-winning virtual reality titles, and we couldn’t be more excited to create a brand new Among Us experience for our existing fans and new players. We can’t wait for players to become Crewmates in a first-person environment”.

From the sounds of it, Among Us VR will only launch with one map, The Skeld, as a press release about the announcement only mentions this location. But given the live nature of the game, it's possible that more will be added further down the line.

Among Us VR is coming to PlayStation VR, Steam, and Meta Quest VR (yes, that's what they're calling Oculus Quest now I'm afraid). No release date has been announced, with Innersloth saying that this will be announced at a "later date". The social deduction game's development shows no signs of slowing down, and is also set to get an Xbox and PlayStation release December 14. This is on top of its availability on mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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