Ghost Recon Breakpoint to finally receive AI teammates

One of the most highly demanded features is finally being added to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, followed by a free weekend for new players.

Since its release last year, one feature Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been notably lacking is AI teammates, something that has been heavily requested by players for a while.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait much longer to play the game with some computer-controlled companions, as they are being added in only a couple of days’ time, on Wednesday, 15 July.

Confirmed during the pre-show for the recent Ubisoft Forward event, the three AI teammates, named Fury, Fixt, and Vasily will assist you on your missions and, much like the main character, can be fully customised – from their equipment to their appearance, although they do have pre-set appearances too.

A new trailer shows the team in action, demonstrating how they behave, the instructions you can give them, and some of the techniques you can perform, such as being able to mark enemies for your squad to take out simultaneously.

And if you get taken out, they will coordinate to revive you. They’re not invincible, of course, and you may be expected to bail them out if one of them falls. Further details can be found on Ubisoft’s website.

Following that, a free weekend will be begin on Thursday, 16 July after the update, so newcomers can try out the AI teammates to see how effective they can be.

And right now, the game is part of a bunch of offers on the Ubisoft Store, priced at only £12.50, for those who have been looking for a good excuse to buy the game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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