God Of War Creator Wants To Make The Wolve Of Wall Street – Wolverine Via Yakuza

There have been many versions of Wolverine throughout his history. From Weapon X and Bounty Hunter Logan to Old Man Logan and Vampire Wolverine, there have been a lot of incarnations of everyone’s favorite cigar-smoking X-Man. However, it looks like a new version of Wolverine was born over Twitter as Cory Barlog answered a question that led to a detailed look at how he would handle Logan in a video game. The video game director, known for his work on the God Of War series, created a Wolverine that seems to have been plucked straight from Wall Street, and it is wonderful!

Barlog’s idea for a Wolverine game comes from a question posed to Simon Cardy’s podcast. Cardy tweeted out an email he received from a fan in Boston who recently caught The Wolverine film. While he wasn’t too thrilled with the film, it did give the fan time to ponder on how there hasn’t been a really good game centered on everyone’s favorite indestructible mutant. His obvious choice to tackle such a game was Cory Barlog, which makes sense as Wolverine and Kratos have quite a bit in common; tragic backstory, fooled by large governing systems, doesn’t die easily, etc.

While this fan had ideas for a game centered on Wolverine that swapped between time periods showing Logan’s past, his present, and the future’s Old Man Logan like the dual-gameplay of The Medium, Barlog responded with an idea for a game that is beyond cool. After admitting that he had always wanted the chance to tell a Wolverine story, Barlog went into detail about what his game would look like.

He would take Logan down a different path, one where he isn’t the outsider or wandering hero that is usually depicted in the comics, but instead a corporate path. He would have Logan mentored by a “Kingpin style” character and become embroiled in the “cutthroat ‘legalized’ criminal world of international business and finance.” This lifestyle would turn Logan’s corporation, aptly titled “Logan Industries,” into the worlds most powerful corporation. No one would dare stand up to Wolverine as he dons expensive designer suits and smokes Gurkha Royal Courtesans.

Barlog feels that Wolverine’s physical anger and strength has been overused and instead would like to focus on “ego killing the soul, the weaponization of non-physical anger and the realities of the power behind the curtain.” This is an amazing idea and one that would make for a fresh take on the mutant who is often seen as totally enraged and never as tactical as he could be. Let’s hope Marvel is listening because “The Wolvie of Wall Street” sounds like a ton of fun!

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